Introduction the application of air filter and categories

by:Booguan     2020-11-07
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air filter is a kind of filter, this filter can also be referred to as the air filter cartridge, air filter. Its application range is wide, is mainly used in engineering a motorcycle, automobile, agricultural locomotive, laboratories, aseptic operation room, in addition it in all kinds of precision air filter in the operation room also have the effect very much.

air filter according to the filtration principle can be divided into the filter type, centrifugal, oil bath type, compound. That is commonly used in engine air filter oil bath type air filter, the paper mainly include inertia dry type air filter, pu filter air filter, etc. The following will give you introduce these filter respectively.

inertia oil bath type air filter is through the inertia type filtration, oil bath type filtration, filtration and tertiary air filtration product type filtration methods. Inertial oil bath type air filter has the air intake resistance is small, can adapt to dusty sandy working environment, and the advantages of using time is longer. Before gm for a variety of models of cars, tractor engine, etc. Paper dry type air filter cartridge adopts resin processing microporous filter paper, filter paper, porous, and relatively loose, have certain water resistance. Higher air filtration product efficiency, simple structure, light weight, low cost, the maintenance is very easy, is the widely used automotive air filter. Pu filter filter also has characteristics of air cleaner, stronger adsorption ability, it possesses the advantages of paper dry type air filter, it is mainly used in car engines.

when installed between the air filter products and engine intake pipe must be tightly close to, don't leak, the filter must be installed on both ends of the rubber gasket. Fixed the nut of the air cleaner can't twist too tight, prevent crush paper filter, need to get regular maintenance work. When cleaning, do not put the paper filter in the oil washing, it is important to note that cannot make filter deformation or damage. At the time of maintenance, can only use the vibration method, using a soft brush to brush division or compressed air blow method to remove the paper filter surface clean of dust and pollutants.

for the quality of the strainer should be timely remove dust of the blade. Paper filter should also be timely to do maintenance work, if the paper filter rupture or filter paper, and the end cover of degumming, should be replaced in a timely manner. In the use of air filter, be sure to avoid paper core is wet by water, because once the paper core is a large amount of moisture adsorption, will greatly increase the air intake resistance, so as to shorten the using time.

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