industrial air filters: the different types

by:Booguan     2020-09-01
By definition, an air filter is a device or machine that is designed to capture solid particles in the air, such as mold, dust, bacteria, and pollen.
Clean air is directly related to production quality in any industry.
Strict standards need to be maintained.
They are directly involved in the manufacturing process, which means that a lot of the company\'s money depends on how they operate.
Various air purifiers in the industry are :-Bag filters-
High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA)
/Ultra-low particulate air (ULPA)filter-Fan filters-Box filters-Panel filters-
Pre-filters are commonly used for dust removal in industrial filter applications.
The general flow is from the outside of the filter to the inside.
It also depends on the type of application.
The separation of particles occurs on the outer surface of the filter.
However, often along with other filters, partitions occur on the inner surface of the bag filter.
Efficient air filters, or more commonly known as HEPA filters, are widely regarded as the best of all filters.
If someone uses it with activated carbon or boiling tank, it will become a complete filter that works not only for particles, but also for smells and most gases.
The history of the HEPA filter, developed by the Atomic Energy Commission, allows their researchers to work in a safe environment and provides them with protection from radioactive dust particles.
The efficient particulate air filter products is effective for particles as small as 0.
3 micron, efficiency up to 99. 97%.
So, this basically means that if there are 10000 kinds of particles in the air, the purifier will not capture only 3 kinds of particles.
HEPA filter is mainly used for the flow cabinet.
Fan filters these are made of fiberglass or some meshtype substance.
They are used to remove lint and other large particles.
This filter is specially used for industrial purposes.
Because there are many kinds of purifiers and limited space, we can only discuss a few here.
But there is a lot of literature on the internet about these filters.
If you are interested, you can do further reading in this regard.
This is just an introduction.
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