In the process of cleaning and replacement of PE filter bag need to notice what kind of things

by:Booguan     2020-11-15
Filter bag

PE filter bag is need of cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis, why do you say that? Because after long time use, PE filter bag is gradually saturated, when filter as an important medium of PE filter bag is in saturation, after filtering effect will gradually decline, the resistance of the filtering equipment will be improved, if not timely for cleaning and replacement, may equipment filtering effect always unable to recover, and may even lead to PE filter bag and filter equipment is damaged, so in the process of using PE filter bag, cleaning and replacement is very important, how to do? Wo yi make a simple analysis.

how do you determine the PE filter bag in time?

how to determine the PE filter bag clean and replace in time? Actually when they start using PE filter bag, what time will be on PE bag filter cleaning and replacement has certain concepts, but this is based on the previous basic expectations and to filter the work of PE filter bag probably understand, but what would happen to the practical work, is unable to determine, if appear in the working process of the accident, can lead to PE filter bag in saturated in advance, or delays in saturated state, if there is no change in time, early may cause PE filter bag breakage, if postponed saturation state, carried out in accordance with the original time node to clean, and may lead to the waste production time.

recommend here, to understand the actual situation of PE filter bag, in the process of production, the filtering equipment for statistical data, know that starting from the current situation, PE filter bag saturation is probably in what time node, node according to the actual time for PE filter bag replacement and cleaning.

PE filter bag clean change how to do?

when using PE filter bag, of course, need to know the right way to clean and replace, how to say it should be? One aspect is the right way to change, after all, change the filter bag, PE need to remove and install filters work, without disassembly and installation method of control the exactitude, may affect the efficiency of changing jobs, may also lead to damage to the filtering equipment or PE filter bag.

the second is to choose the right way to clean, such as cleaning steps, selection of the choice of cleaning tools, cleaning agents, etc. , will all packed, to clean the right PE filter bag, recovered to make PE filter bag.

want to better use PE filter bag, it is important to note that the cleaning and replacement, we can start from the above two aspects.

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