Import filter applied widely, the function has a lot of benefits

by:Booguan     2020-11-06
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the so-called imports, does not mean that imports from other countries. Import filter is fluid entering here, after import filter cartridge, the impurities discharge out, clean gas flowing from the export. Because its structure is simple, clean and maintenance are convenient.

with the development of various industries, as well as the progress of science and technology, import filter has been widely applied in various fields, such as metallurgy, chemical, electric power, and even to the families can use to gas field have been used. It is an essential part of gas in the process of conveying a kind of important device, usually installed in the inlet side of the equipment, hence the name.

import filter is used to remove the impurities in the conveying on one hand, on the other hand also to corresponding parts, valves and other equipment have the function of the protection, can extend the using time of equipment, to help reduce the cost of equipment operation and maintenance, etc. And when it needs cleaning, just open it, it will again after cleaning the loading can continue to use, is convenient.

in particular, it has the following some specific function and role.

1, remove bacteria, prevent the spread of disease. Import filter can effectively inhibit bacterium and eliminate through its gas, such as way to reduce the spread of disease, protect people's health.

2, adsorption dust, remove the impurities. Import filter can effectively remove free of dust in the air of absorption, and good treatment effect of the problems of smoke, coupled with its convenient cleaning, so use more convenient.

3, remove bad smell, and toxic gases. Import filter can effectively remove indoor decoration pollution, remove the harmful gas such as formaldehyde, to protect our living environment health.

4, add the negative ions in the air. Negative ions is essential to keep the air fresh a link, the import filter can timely supplement the lack of negative ions in the air, maintain indoor air fresh at any time.

it is understood that some high quality import filters currently on the market the high air filtration product efficiency, can even reach 99. The filtering effect of 99%. And it sends out a long wavelength, allowing some biological absorption, effectively crack existing in the environmental hazard.

import filter after installation, need to pay attention to its sealing effect is reached, sudden large volume ventilation at the same time it is not recommended, choose and buy when also reasonable suggestion according to your requirements.

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