Import air filter working principle and function

by:Booguan     2020-11-07

nowadays people living environment facing a huge crisis, people's health is also under serious challenge. Only good quality air filter can become a very popular products. With the improvement of people's living standard, more and more filters appear in people's field of vision. Next, small make up will lead us, together to learn about the import filters, look at the import filter working principle and function, etc.

import air filter products is refers to the air filter products equipment, commonly used in industrial production of clean workshop, clean operating room, laboratory, or used in electronic communications equipment machinery, such as dust work, etc. Import air filter in general can be divided into five kinds: early efficient filter, medium efficiency filters, high efficiency filter, the
high effect and high efficiency filters. The use of various models corresponding to different environment, different use efficiency.

: in the industrial production environment, the compressed air from the air contains a lot of water vapor and oil drops, at the same time there will be suspended dust particles, solid particles and so on, these damages of piston ring, block element on the small vent, shorten the service life of components. Import air filter is to separate water from compressed air, liquid droplets, and filter the dust in the air and solid impurity, but unable to get rid of gas oil and water.

how it works: from import into the compressed air, guide plate is drainage into the fan, the high-speed flow of compressed air and strong rotating along the tangent direction of the tooth, liquid oil and larger impurities in powerful under the action of centrifugal force, to the glass on the inner wall of the flow to the bottom of the cup. Again through the further filter cartridge, filter out the tiny solid particles, and then output from export clean compressed air.

use scope: mainly applied to air conditioning and ventilation system of the primary filter, high efficiency filter, filter unit, is mainly used for filtering
5 microns in diameter and above suspended particles, can also be used for multi-stage air filtration product system of the primary protection. Generally have non-woven filter material, aluminum wave net, stainless steel wire mesh, such as non-woven filter material out of the surface wind through finishing processing, prevent the non-woven fiber fracture distributing cause secondary pollution.

that is about to import air filter products working principle and function, etc, when we choose the filter must be selected to model, after all, there are many different kinds of filters, if choose the wrong will certainly to cause certain influence at work, so we must be careful when picking filter.

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