If you want to harvest equipment using high effect use daily maintenance to do well

by:Booguan     2020-11-03
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efficient filter in use process will be accumulated a certain amount of dust and magazine, if don't clean up in time, it is easy to cause filter pore blocking, seriously affect the filtering effect. Next, we came to introduce the knowledge of daily use and maintenance of the equipment, through our introduction, hope everyone to learn.

when using high efficiency filter, a lot of people will compare the results of the filtered value, in the case of the device itself is not paying attention to. In fact, sometimes we will occur after filtering equipment as well as before, the effect of they can look at this time, whether the problems of filter. At this time, we should timely efficient filter is removed for inspection, to see whether the filter surface accumulated stain or filter hole is blocked, if any, that will be replaced in a timely manner. Everybody to want to note that in the area around before I can remove the cleanup, lighter as far as possible, carelessly may cause damage to filter deformation caused it to happen, then will replace filter bring them here for installation, for the new screen pack, of course, everybody is to check first, not necessarily every filter is of good quality, do not use unqualified products, so as not to affect the overall effect equipment.

we know filter after long time use will accumulate dirt and stains, some people don't know is that even equipment stood motionless, surface sealed cover if we don't have to be protected, so everyday after air contact will make high efficiency filter dust accumulation. If you do not use equipment, we suggest you can place the equipment in a dry, clean environment, the surface can be affixed with a clean cloth, effectively block the dust pollution.

in operating equipment at ordinary times, we recommend to use a device using the experience of workers to meet the equipment operation, the accumulation of experience in their reasonable use of the characteristics of the equipment, the effect of play equipment, is also a kind of maintenance of equipment.

the above is our for high efficiency filter for daily use and maintenance of relevant knowledge, through our introduction, believe everybody for the use of the device has a more in-depth understanding. We hope that we can read the article carefully, in daily work more attention to these aspects, the use of reasonable equipment and play a better filtering effect, at the same time, improve work efficiency.

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