if my home\'s air filters are clean when i change them, are they really working?

by:Booguan     2020-09-01
To change the temperature in your home, your heating and air
The air conditioning system sucks in the air from the room, pulls it to the coil for heating or cooling, and then blows the tempered air through the pipe to the rest of your house.
The air filter products is located at the point where the air is pulled into the system. It traps air-
Breathe in with the air and prevent them from clogging the birth particles of the blower and coil.
The clogged coils cannot be heated or cooled through their air and they may damage the system.
So the air filter can help your heating and cooling system get the job done, keep it running efficiently and protect it so it will last longer.
The filter also helps to prevent dust from accumulating in pipes or being blown into other rooms in your home.
In recent years, this air cleaning function has become more important for homeowners, and manufacturers have designed filters to remove tiny particles such as dust, pollen, pet dandruff using your heating and air system, bacteria, plants and mold spores even smoke from the air in your home.
People often hear the motto that clean air filters can save energy and money.
Regular replacement or cleaning of filters in the home heating and air conditioning system helps the unit to operate more efficiently and enjoy a longer service life.
But what exactly do these filters do?
How do you know if they are working?
How often should you change, what should you do if they look clean when they change?
On the next page, we will learn about the features, types, rating systems and daily maintenance of your home heating and air filters
Air conditioning system.
We will also look at issues that prevent the filter from working properly.
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