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by:Booguan     2020-08-31
Custom Air conditioning return pipe the project started when I decided to install central air conditioning in my house.
I asked for help from a friend of the HVAC contractor.
He gave me a lot of very helpful information and advice.
I have done a lot of research on the internet and found that a common problem with the lack of HVAC equipment in most residential buildings is that there is enough return filter area.
I want to make sure that my installation is not affected by this.
I did the load calculation and I needed a 3.
5 tons of packing unit.
I designed it (2)
20x20 return filters with a filter area of 800 square feet ,(
700 square feet recommended).
Because my roof is 3-
The attic space is very narrow, the supply pipe is filled with space, and the space left for the return pipe is very small.
The best solution is the custom return pipe/boot/filter holder.
The following picture shows the process.
I started with the bottom and 19 \"circles to make a foam model inside the pipe to represent the\" in \"and\" out \"of the pipe \".
I used blue pearl-free foam.
The air handling unit is installed on the roof, and after the ventilation is in place, the first two bubbles are placed in the position of the attic space and connected.
Then in the store I added the foam to fill the perimeter.
Surface defects are filled with dry wall mud.
Two coats were then painted with enamel paint to protect it from the vinyl ester resin used during the fiberglass process.
I use fiberglass pad for shipbuilding.
I used about 25 pounds of the 6-layer cloth and 2 gallons of vinyl ester resin.
Once the resin is dry, I knock off the foam and apply a smooth surface to the inside for gas supply flow.
The rectangular part represents the position of the air filter products, and the circular part indicates the position of the metal starting ring (added later)will fit.
I made a plug with foam plastic, which is the exact measurement of the inside of the pipe I want to create.
The foam plastic I use is available in Home Depot, called the blue foam board.
Add thin foam to create a smooth transition.
I used the gorilla Glue which can fill and sand easily.
I use drywall mud to fill all the defects and create a smooth outline for the airflow.
The easier the air flows, the less energy it uses.
Latex Paint provides a good barrier for the resin used in the fiberglass process.
The resin will quickly dissolve the foam plastic plug without obstacles.
Use as many layers as possible (
Paint as much as possible.
A small hole in the barrier creates a very large gap in the foam plug, destroying working hours.
I stagger the paint coating with a contrast color to make sure that each coating covers the previous one.
I didn\'t explain how to add fiberglass to the plug, which is another topic in itself.
After the fiberglass is cured, the foam is cut off and cleaned with acetone.
The whole interior is then polished to remember that the airflow likes a smooth surface.
The 18 \"metal starting ring has now been added and several layers of fiberglass have been added to fix it.
Use high quality automotive paint inside to get a smooth surface.
Since it will be insulated, I didn\'t spend much time on the fiberglass outside.
The ceiling support beam needs to be adjusted a little to accommodate the comfort.
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