Humidity resistant high-efficiency filter which good? Equipment how to choose?

by:Booguan     2020-11-03
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self-cleaning air filter is made up of a few places, these places are high efficiency filter cartridges, self-cleaning nozzle, reverse blowing system, control system and net gas chamber and the outlet and so on. For this kind of equipment, you know how much of it? Our technical staff with Shanghai self-cleaning air filter together to learn the related knowledge of it.

self-cleaning air filter products of the air filtration product process is this: compressor in breathe in often is carried out under the action of negative pressure, KJL can put the ambient air suction equipment. In the process of the whole filter, air generally through the high efficiency filter cartridges, self-cleaning air filter dust is usually by gravity, electrostatic, contact resistance at the outer surface of the filter cartridge, purify air into the net gas chamber before it is sent out by the duct.

Shanghai self-cleaning air filter technical staff told us that this kind of equipment and self-cleaning process, computer can issue a command, first of all, this time equipment of solenoid valve will be started, the electromagnetic valve is started, will further drive the diaphragm valve. Self-cleaning air filter products will be released within a short period of time, a pressure is about 0. 4 - - 0. 6 mpa pulse airflow, the air flow through nozzle rectifier, venturi entrainment, seal, expansion of dust from inside the filter cartridge inside uniform will be blown away, self-cleaning process will also get the corresponding to complete.

self-cleaning air filter of self-cleaning process usually is controlled by one of three ways: the first kind of way is this timing positioning devices, some manufacturer will use a professional PTG can be arbitrarily set time interval and self-cleaning time; The second option is the differential self-cleaning, allowed pressure more than indicators, self-cleaning air filter PTG into automatic successive self-cleaning; The third way is to manually, sanctify themselves, don't work when the PTG or dust is more, self-cleaning air filter can use manual self-cleaning.

this is introduction to share with my friends in the self-cleaning air filter related knowledge. Shanghai self-cleaning air filter products self-cleaning counter blowing process is continuous, each time only 1 to 2 groups in self-cleaning state, the other is to continue to work, so KJL has self-cleaning function online, this can ensure that it is a continuous work. In general, this equipment is mainly divided into two processes, a process is filtering process, is another process self-cleaning process, two processes are complementary to each other.

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