How to wash tank filter equipment?

by:Booguan     2020-10-23
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needless to say, you also know that filter is an indispensable part of the tank, it can purify processing and maintenance of water environment. Filter used for a long time also need to clean up, small make up then talk about the filter cleaning of each part.

we know aquarium filter made up of many parts, so clean when also need to gradually step by step apart.

1, clean up the filter cotton

remove the filter cotton, in the extraction tank and rinse water. It is important to note that one is to use the original cylinder water to clean. This is because in the original cylinder water can reduce the loss of beneficial bacteria, thus can prolong the time interval of filter cotton cleaning. Second, don't like washing clothes as rub and twist dry. But to bubble in the original cylinder water stirring a stir, out can not clean things.

2, clean up the biochemical cotton

in the clear water, gently knead a few times to go, don't have to wash very clean, that's because there's a lot of bacteria adhesion, these beneficial bacteria is a key factor to maintain clear water.

3 ring, ceramic ring, glass, stone, etc.

the glass ring into the pot boiled for 30 minutes, then put in potassium permanganate soak for 30 minutes, then rinse. Color yellow does not affect the use, this is because it is the presence of microorganisms. Actually the normal cleaning out as long as all, rinse it several times to go, do not wash too clean.

4, activated carbon, ammonia absorption stone, medical stone, etc.

rinse of activated carbon and other surface adhesion dirt can, if a blockage is overmuch, to replace the new.

5, and other considerations for

( 1) Removed from the water filter or do any maintenance to filter the switch power break.

( 2) To clean or replace filter cotton and activated carbon air filtration product system is a necessary condition for rational and effective work.

that is about the steps and the method of wash tank filter, want to make the fish have a comfortable, healthy environment, water quality that you need to keep cleaning and replacement of aquarium filters work regularly.

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