how to tune up a two cycle engine

by:Booguan     2020-09-03
The air filter housing is located in different positions on different engines, but they are usually located in barrier-free areas outside the body.
In the case of this Shindaiwa trimmer, the air filter products housing is located on the side of the engine.
When your engine is ready to be replaced, its air filter will obviously get dirty, just like any other tune --
Maintenance items should be replaced at least once a year.
Replace the filter, just remove the air filter housing, remove the old air filter, install the new filter, and then close the housing.
Most air filter housing is turned on and off with simple screws.
The fuel filter is connected to the end of the engine fuel line located at the bottom of the fuel tank.
To replace the fuel filter, you must check the fuel line and filter it out of the fuel tank.
This is the source of the hook wire: the end of the fuel filter connected to the fuel line is barbed.
When it is pressed at the end of the fuel line, the rewind helps it stay connected.
The filter needs to rest at the bottom-
The center of the tank so that when the trimmer is tilted or the side is turned on, the fuel can still reach the production line. Start your 2-
The cycle engine is adjusted by entering the model of the tool at the top of that part or any replacement part.
Website page.
The search by model field will take you directly to the parts page of the tool, where you can get the filters and earplugs you need.
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