how to replace your car air filter

by:Booguan     2020-09-03
Any engine that runs through fuel combustion requires air to run.
This is because there is no air, especially oxygen, and fuels like gasoline and diesel cannot burn, nor can they provide explosive power to the engine.
The engine air filter products allows the right amount of air under the flushing ditch of our vehicle engine, while capturing particles that can cause damage to our engine.
But even the best air filters can only withstand so much abuse from the outside environment.
So, as a car owner, how do you know when to replace the air filter?
It all depends on the difficulty and condition of driving the car, just like the situation of the car parts.
If the car is used a lot in dusty, harsh conditions, then the replacement of the air filter will be more frequent.
Lift the hood and find the air purifier assembly.
The air filter unit is usually located at the top of the engine.
But it was recommended to wash the engine before! ! ! ! !
Now turn the screw and loosen the pin.
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