how to replace the cabin air filter: hyundai elantra 2011-2015

by:Booguan     2020-09-02
This video will show you step by step how to replace the cabin air filter products on the modern elante 20112015.
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Open the glove box.
The glove box is supported by two round plugs, one on each side of the glove box. 2-
Turn the plug 1/4, turn it counter-clockwise and pull it. 3-
Carefully put the glove box down to the floor
To remove the cabin air filter cover, pinch the two fasteners on both sides of the cover together and pull it down directly. 5-
Slide out the old cabin air filter products. 6-
Slide the new cabin air filter back and the air flow direction indicator arrow points to 7-below-
Align the cabin air filter cover and push it into place until the two fasteners make a \"click\" sound. 8-
Insert two side plugs and turn them 1/4DONE! ! !
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