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by:Booguan     2020-08-29
The air filter is a lightweight purification device that is inserted into the home\'s heating and cooling system in order to clean the air before it enters the home through the system.The EPA website explains that air filters are important because they extend the life of the system in addition to cleaning bacteria, allergies and contaminants in the air.If people are exposed to polluted air for a long time, it is harmful to them.
Air filters can be recycled to promote personal and environmental safety.Find the air conditioning and heating system at home and remove the panel covering the air filtration room.Grip with both hands and pull the air filter products out of the unit.
Carefully place the filter outside or in a plastic bag until it can be recycled or cleaned.Put a clean air filter into the system and fix the panel back to place.It is recommended to purchase multiple filters so that clean or new filters are always available when the old ones are removed for cleaning or recycling purposes.
Read the labels on the filter to determine when a replacement is needed to ensure that the air quality at home is maintained thoroughly.Check the air filter to see if it can be cleaned with water pipes and power nozzles so it can be reused later.The Sonic dry cleaning website explains that certain types of air filters can be cleaned with water and can be reused once dry.
The clean air filter can extend the service life of the filter and reduce the maintenance cost of the cooling and heating system.Log-On the Internet, use reputable search engines to find air filter recycling companies.Recycling companies can also be found in the phone book.
Once the recycling company is found, bring the air filter to that location in order to clean, recycle and use it to make new air filters.Consider purchasing air filters produced from recycled materials.The Filta Tec website explained that in order to produce new and cheaper air filters, the old ones were thoroughly cleaned and then recycled.
The quality of air filters made of recycled materials is very high, in fact they may last longer than ordinary air filters
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