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by:Booguan     2020-08-29
Carbon air filters are used to filter dust, impurities and residues in water and air.It is usually used in aquariums, water filtration systems, air purification systems and automobiles, carbon traps and storage of impurities.When the residue in the filter accumulates, the filter slowly loses efficiency.
The cleaning filter recharges and reactivates the carbon.Only reusable air filters should be cleaned and reused.Remove the carbon air filter from the product used.
Run the filter from cool to room temperature. The tap water from the underwater surface that flows out of the filter is clean.This removes dirt, dust and deposits.Wet a soft cloth in the water.Remove any remaining spots or residues.Drown the filter in a bowl, baking tray or bathtub with enough water.
Add 1 tsp.
Salt per gallon of water.
Immerse the carbon air filter in salt water.Allow it to soak for a day or two depending on the size and age of the filter.The larger the filter, the longer the soak.
Remove the filter from the salt water.
Rinse under cool tap water.
Let the filter air dry.
Remove the air filter from the vehicle.
This process varies depending on the year, model and brand of your vehicle.Most air filters are either rectangular or circular.Gently shake the filter to remove the accumulated dirt and dust.
Wipe with a dry cloth to remove the larger residue.Spray the filter with a large amount of air filter products cleaner.Allow cleaner to work 30 minutes into the filter.
Rinse the dirt, dust and detergent on the filter using a hose.Air filters are allowed to air dry.After drying, spray a thin layer of air filter oil on the filter.Oil Protection filter to prevent accumulation of residue and dust.

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