How to protect equipment with gas turbine filter

by:Booguan     2020-11-14
Filter equipment

as you know, now most of the manufacturing industry often choose filter equipment is filter filter and bag filter. So, what is the difference between a cartridge filter and bag filter? What kind of filter filtering effect will be better? Next, small make up take you to get to know these two kinds of filters.

filter filter is a new type of filter equipment, filter filter is also known as the precision filter, its barrel casing usually choose stainless steel material production and become, the internal structure choose PP melt-blown, burn, folding line, titanium filter, activated carbon filter tube filter as the filter components, such as on the basis of different filter medium and design technology of choosing different filter components, to achieve the provisions of the effluent water quality requirements.

bag filter is a kind of novel structure, small size, the actual operation is simple and flexible, energy saving, high efficiency and closed work and applicability of the multifunctional filter equipment. Also belong to the new filter bag filter. Bag filter structure is supported by gauze basket filter bag, liquid by the entrance into the filter bag filter after discharge from the exit of debris blocking the filter bag, after changing the filter bag can then use.

the performance characteristics of filter filter:

1, filter filter air filtration product precision is high, the filter aperture symmetry;

2, convenient and quick, when changing a filter core and filter equipment do not need to clean up, save time and effort.

3, filter filter cleaning after repeated use, save the cost;

4, filter filter air filtration product precision, now be 0. 1μm;

high cleanliness grade 5, filter core material, the filter medium without pollution;

6, filter filter of frictional resistance is small, big circulation, sewage, the use of long maturity;

7, a filter to filter has a wide use range, use of flexible, diverse installation method.

the performance characteristics of bag filter:

1, the filter bag filter large quantity, small size, capacity of large amount of sludge;

2, changing the filter bag is more convenient and quick, and filter equipment cleaning, free time;

3, bag filter, the filter bag cleaning after repeated use, save the cost;

4, bag filter, filtering precision, now be 0. 5μm;

5, the impurity in the filter bag leak probability is small, fully to ensure the quality of the filter;

6, bag filter, can withstand greater pressure of work, small pressure loss, low operating cost, energy saving effect is obvious;

7, bag filter has a wide use range, use of flexible, diverse installation method.

through the above introduction, you can see, filter filter and bag filter is larger difference is the difference of flow rate and air filtration product precision! If the filtering precision is very high, choose filter filter, filter filter precision is very high energy be 0. 1um。 If no regulations for precision, but is very big for the provisions of the filtering flow, selection of bag filter, bag filter to filter large flow, capacity of large amount of sludge.

so, what is to choose the filter filter and bag filter, just need to see your work, and then choose to suit oneself need to filter equipment, only in this way, to be able to do the work in the protection of their needs, also can choose the more cost-effective equipment products.

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