How to measure the development level of box type filter manufacturers?

by:Booguan     2020-11-01

in the modern society, has become the inevitable trend of industrialization, and with the development of science and technology, many industrial filter characteristics appear in people's field of vision. So, this kind of filter is used in what place? What the industrial filter characteristics? Presumably this is all a lot of friend's question. Today, wo yi with these questions, and a way to solve, but also a system of classification for everybody, let everybody can learn more about this kind of filter.

actually, said industrial filters, there are many kinds of this equipment. We'd like to know the characteristics of the device, a classification of understanding.

no partition is priority of HMU ultra high efficiency air filter. This filter USES is ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper, can filter is greater than zero. 3 microns particles. So, this kind of equipment of the air filtration product precision is very high, generally applicable to electronic industry, medicine, high requirement, generally don't use this kind of precision filter in the family.

the second is the HBM chemical fiber bag air filter products, the industrial filter mainly adopts high throughput, low resistance of fiber cloth as the aluminum, and other filters, this filter capacitors of large amount of dust, there are different filter rating, so is more suitable for biological pharmaceutical industry, etc.

the third kind of HTR is high temperature resistant filter, as the name suggests, this kind of filter can be high temperature resistant, suitable for places such as factories. This kind of filter mainly adopts stainless steel frame configuration, resistance to temperature can reach 250 degrees Celsius above, each device have to pass strict inspection.

a fourth is V type activated carbon air filter products. The adsorption capacity of activated carbon, so this kind of equipment is very strong, is also very lightweight, convenient to carry. This equipment is mainly used to filter the harmful gases in the air and stench, and is used in the equipment such as air conditioning, a lot of families are used to.

after one is gathers type activated carbon filter, this filter USES is activated carbon particles and fiber composites, the industrial filter has big filter area, adsorption capacity is also great, work efficiency is very high. So, this kind of equipment is also often used in central air conditioning, and other equipment.

detailed classification, and through the above introduction, basic characteristics of industrial filters we have fully understand, whether you know what I should choose? If you have any questions, also welcome to wo yi consulting, we will provide good service for you, believe that won't let you down.

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