How to maintain the box with hepa filter in the diaphragm effect/quality

by:Booguan     2020-10-24
Filter equipment

to make filtering effect and efficiency of security, that must notice the quality of the equipment, only equipment quality is good, can work stable, thus ensure the filtering effect and quality of work. But how to ensure the quality of the equipment is a difficult problem, many people are buying the box-type hepa filter and chamber clapboard in effect filter, in maintaining quality are headache, wo yi here small make up to you for analysis.

for surface cleaning

in maintaining the box-type hepa filter and chamber clapboard efficient filter in quality, the first thing to notice is certainly surface cleaning equipment, cleaning on the surface in general is in place, the whole box framework with hepa filter wit separatore strength is strong, the overall structure is basically no problem. In hepa filter with box type and box type clapboard efficient filter in the surface is clean, want to clean up first, and then remove some grease on the surface of the, after will have rusty place special processing, then completes the surface treatment, the equipment surface is protected.

note internal wear

the second note is box-type hepa filter and chamber clapboard efficient filter in the wear of the internal parts, if the wear of the internal parts is better, for hepa filter chamber has is very bad. Recommend regular maintenance of equipment, check equipment in all kinds of values, and open the equipment internal check, internal components attrition, and timely maintenance or replacement of the parts and components to avoid because of excessive wear at a small number of components, and influenced the other parts.

note that the exception handling

in the use of hepa filter chamber has effectively filter and box type clapboard, the need to notice must be equipment in use process of anomalies. If appeared more exceptions, and not in a timely manner to deal with, it is easy to cause damage to the equipment. Recommend, when using hepa filter chamber have if abnormal, must stop the machine as soon as possible to check and know that there is a problem, and to repair as soon as possible.

want to maintain box with hepa filters and box clapboard effect in the quality of the filter, must be noticed in the course of application of maintenance and maintenance, knowing the right equipment maintenance method.

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