how to install a mass airflow sensor

by:Booguan     2020-09-03
Credit: mjpyrone is one of the easiest repairs you can make to your own vehicle, is to replace a component called a mass airflow sensor, usually air under the hood
The first sign that you have a problem with the sensor is usually because the engine will throw out a code soon to light up your service engine.
Other signs are hesitant to accelerate, usually idle.
On last December, every time I set out, my car began to hesitate, and the harder I pressed the throttle, the more it would splash.
However, it will disappear as soon as I speed it up.
However, soon after these symptoms started, my service engine lit up very quickly, and hesitation and trembling seemed to get worse.
Instead of bringing it to the store for a diagnostic test, I took it to AutoZone and they read the code for free.
Once you have the exact code, you can diagnose the problem and possibly handle it yourself.
I should point out that I specifically mean 2000 Nissan Maxima, but this information applies to many vehicles, especially the type of code read from your SES light.
The OBDII code is common for all cars in the US, Europe and Asia.
I searched online quickly, found a list of codes, what was mentioned in each code, and quickly diagnosed the problem.
This code indicates that there is a problem with the fuel management system for the right cylinder group.
The right bank is also called the back bank, which is equipped with cylinders 1, 3 and 5.
It turned out to be code P0171-
The fuel injection system is too thin (Bank 1).
The Code explains that the front heating oxygen sensor on the right bank sends a signal to the engine control module indicating that the fuel mixture is over-tilted.
ECM attempts to correct this problem by guiding the fuel injector to supply more gasoline.
Further signals from the oxygen sensor indicate that attempts to correct the condition of the dilute mixture failed and the fuel mixture continued to be too thin.
Then the possible causes are listed: air intake leakage, defect of oxygen sensor in front heating, nozzle, exhaust gas leakage, incorrect fuel pressure, insufficient fuel, failure of mass airflow sensor, I have not been repaired, instead, I went online to find out what I needed to do to change the situation.
No matter what kind of car you drive, you can find some forums with a lot of useful information.
On this Nissan online forum, I\'m sure the most likely reason is the oxygen sensor (this car has 3)
, Or something called a mass airflow sensor (MAF).
As I look further, I\'m sure it\'s most likely a MAF sensor, because it seems to be a problem after a certain amount of mileage has been driven using this particular model of car.
I looked online and ordered a new MAF from Amazon.
I bought this part for $90 and it arrived about a week later.
Keep in mind that I read on various forums that someone took their car to the dealership and replaced the same thing for $500 and $600, so it was good --
The cost of this part is worth it.
Credit: opensourcere placed a mass air flow sensor in nissaninstall and I took the challenge myself and it was very simple.
I would say that even people with very little experience in cars can do it.
You can do this if you can change the oil.
The following is the whole process in detail: disconnect the negative battery terminal.
Open the air filter products box and disconnect the MAF sensor.
The harness to the MAF is also attached to something else (
A blue plug in my car).
I also disconnected so I can move the entire harness away.
I couldn\'t find all the bolts that attached the MAF tube to the airbox, so I had to remove the box.
This is quite easy with a few exceptions.
One of the bolts is in a tight position and I have to use a 6 inch extension for my ratchet.
After unboxing, you need to release the clip on the other side of the MAF tube.
Once everything is free, remove the gas tank.
Some swing and pull is needed, but it\'s still free in the end.
After you take the gas box out, you can easily remove the MAF tube using the 10mm socket wrench you use to unscrew the gas box.
It is recommended that you also replace the air filter products.
Bolt the new MAF tube back to airbox and reconnect the airbox and MAF tube.
Bolts in the gas box, make sure the intake is aligned correctly.
There is a plastic tube in a strange shape that passes through the radiator from the front of the hood.
This is the air inlet and needs to be connected to the gas tank.
This is loose and you may have to shake the box when you unload it.
Reconnect the negative battery cable. Cardone 74-
10088 re-manufactured mass airflow sensor (MAFS)
Amazon price: $284. 88 $90.
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