How to filter the air filtration equipment?

by:Booguan     2020-11-08
Filtering equipment

filtering equipment generally divided into air filters, liquid filter, network filter, filter and so on light, these are the commonly used filtering equipment, from the literal meaning is the same, is filtering effect, below is mainly about how to filter the air filtration equipment, it will talk about air filter, air filter application range is very wide, where the need for clean air are used air filter, we often come into contact with such as automotive air conditioning filters, and air filter products, air filter products is to filter the air?

general air filtration equipment filtering air is divided into several steps: so

1, multiple filters, including coarse filtration and fine filtration, coarse filter is made of non-woven fabric or made of materials such as activated carbon filter, can effectively intercept dust bacteria, prevent the dust and bacteria in the air into the indoor, to filter the air, make sure the filtered air clean; After the coarse air filtration product and with a fine filter, air quality requirement for high general to install fine filter;

2, titanium oxide, anti-virus, is the main role in the degradation of indoor air formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic substances, especially new decorate a room, these toxic substances such as formaldehyde content is very high, if not to get rid of is easy to lead to health problems, action principle is the titanium oxide of the activation of the ultraviolet light, and degradation of the organic gas in the air;

3, increases oxygen anion, the purpose is to increase the oxygen content of indoor air, to ensure that the indoor have plenty of oxygen, so as not to experience symptoms such as fatigue;

4, PTC ceramic heating, this role is heated indoor air to the comfortable temperature, the device usually there will be at home, suitable for use in winter;

5, uv sterilization, can put the indoors most of the bacteria to kill, especially the pandemic virus, bacteria, make the person principle of pathogen infection, health care family.

filtering equipment is indispensable in the process of filtering of a device, usually install the pressure reducing valve, relief valve, such as equipment, used to remove the impurities in the medium, when medium enters after filtering equipment will be stopped the impurities. Air filtration equipment or is particularly important at this stage, because of air pollution in large, particulate matter, if it is not filtered out easily affect the body health. equipment installation is simple, easy to use, not how to maintenance, filtering effect is good, and therefore liked by consumers.

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