How to clean the filter on the air filter?

by:Booguan     2020-11-09
Air filtration equipment

the filter on the air filter with the time is long and the causes of filter medium will cause great influence to filter, filter will be blocked, in particular, filtering effect becomes poor problem, this time will be replaced or is clean. For air filter screen pack cleaning need according to the different brand, different types of air purifiers to decide, but most air purifiers clean up is very simple, some of the high efficiency air filter products or no clean, here mainly introduce how the filter on the air filter products cleaning, how to maintain?

1, the front screen using longer tend to gather a lot of dust, dust will affect more into the wind, may also affect the effect of air purification, so need to absorb the dust in the suction machine, or a cloth to wipe it off, water cleaning, even if is the screen pack can wash with water, can't wash with water can use vacuum cleaners or replace filter can be.

2, some filter need sun is basked in the sun, to maintain good filtering effect, such as activated carbon filters, such as bamboo charcoal filter, general like activated carbon filter and bamboo charcoal filter, most of them are used for fine filtration, is not very suitable for coarse air filtration product, if it is used for coarse air filtration product, easy to cause congestion, not good filtering effect, in addition to the sun also can replace or repair activity.

3, for deodorization filter, most can through the water can reach the purpose of the clean, and shorten the cycle of change screen, deodorization filter is generally adsorption type filter, rarely use the material making glass fiber; Still have a kind of ion generator, this is a built-in, don't need to clean, good ion generator filtering effect is good, the efficiency is high.

the current air filters filter most of them are from clean, especially the fine filter, remove, or cleaning, for coarse filter is also very cheap, often directly in a good,, there is a water washing to dry cleaning is good; Commonly used air conditioning screen pack, for example, basically are rarely off clean, many are used for many years after cleaning, of course, if it is a good habit, cleaning once a year is better, so can keep the air fresh.

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