How to clean air conditioner filter chest? Need what to problem note?

by:Booguan     2020-11-07
Filter equipment

filters and filter is not strange for many people, because of the various types of filters will appear in people's life and work of the equipment in the process of use, however, there will be some failure occurs, let users have a headache, and air conditioning screen pack, too, so we will be in below the main understanding and its common faults in use and maintenance method.

ac filter used in the common failure:

this kind of equipment is the structure of the lenticular honeycomb structure, can be used in air air filtration product, water air filtration product system, now the use of each filter can achieve the effect of antibacterial mouldproof, for several cleaning exchange is simple, and a long service life. In the process of using common fault is filter dirty jams, cause when refrigeration indoor machine blowing mouth temperature is very low, but the wind blow, room circulation slow, lower temperature around the house, the room temperature is very high, this kind of situation like of fan speed is slow.

if the filters become dirty or clogged, gathered dust passes through cracks on the surface of the evaporator, this time will increase the time of condensation water flow to the tray, water tray of jams phenomenon appears, thus appeared the situation of the air conditioning is leaking; If dust filter, can be in motor fan blade, operation by dust adsorption, this time interval will become smaller, bigger noise, export volume also instability.

ac filter maintenance methods:

if ac filter is in the early effect and efficiency, the user needs cleaning every month, if use have a lot of dust in the environment, cleaning cycle can be shorten, appropriate replacement need to be done according to the requirements of clean; At the time of cleaning equipment with warm water, can't rub; If the equipment is dirty, you can choose to use neutral detergent when cleaning, if not very dirty, you can directly use the method of water jet cleaning. After the equipment is clean, moisture to evaporate must dry and then into the air conditioning unit, at the time of installation according to the standards for the correct installation.

ac filter in use process once appear, fault, is likely to make people have a headache, and don't know what to do, this time the user can according to the above fault is introduced to analyze the cause of their own air conditioning failure, then you just need to suit the remedy to the case, can ensure the normal operation of air conditioning, should pay attention to in solving fault after it is important to note that the accuracy of the method.

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