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How to choose a partitionless high efficiency filter

How to choose a partitionless high efficiency filter


How to choose a high efficiency filter without a partition? The main points of selection: filter efficiency, required air volume, resistance, use, material of the outer frame, material of the filter net and so on. High efficiency filters without partitions are widely used in the air supply end of dust-free purification workshops in optical electronics, LCD liquid crystal manufacturing, biomedicine, precision instruments, beverages and foodstuffs, PCB printing and other industries.

No partition high efficiency filter

Classification of high-efficiency filters:

It is mainly divided into high efficiency filters with partitions and high efficiency filters without partitions, and high efficiency filters with partitions are divided into paper partitions and high efficiency filters with aluminum partitions. Clapboards and more.

Structure of high efficiency filter without partition: without partition, it mainly adopts hot sol as the separator of filter element, which is convenient for mechanized production. In addition, it has the advantages of small size, light weight, easy installation, stable efficiency, and uniform wind speed. At present, the bulk filters required for clean workshops mostly adopt non-baffle structure.

Key points for selecting a high efficiency filter without a partition:

1. Select the required filter efficiency: H13-U15, and filter material: glass fiber or PP.

2. Determine the required air volume of the required filter (rated air volume below 0.45m / s).

3. Determine the material of the filter frame. The standard is aluminum alloy frame.

4. Determine the material of the filter element protection net. The standard is plastic sprayed grid.

5. Determine if the size and installation of the required filter is appropriate.

6. Determine if the filter has special requirements, such as liquid tank sealing, DOP testing, etc.

High efficiency filter without partition:

1. Use glass fiber filter paper as filter material, separated by heat capacity glue and fiberglass wire:

2. Aluminum profile frame with plastic sprayed diamond-shaped protective net in and out of the wind;

3. Unique seamless foam sealing technology, good elasticity, no deformation, no falling off, no leakage during installation and use.

4. High efficiency, low resistance, ultra-thin type, light weight, easy installation and long service life.

5. Each unit is tested by the nano-flame method, which has the characteristics of high filtration efficiency, low resistance, and large dust holding capacity.

Air filter life introduction:

The first-effect filter is usually replaced every 2-3 months, and it is replaced every six months, so that the life of the high-efficiency filter can generally be more than 2 years; but to protect the use of the post-level high-level filter and ensure the safe operation of the clean room, every month Replace the initial effect, replace the medium efficiency and sub high efficiency every 3 months (or use the high efficiency protection filter at the end of the air cabinet mentioned above). This can ensure the service life of the high efficiency filter for more than 5 years. The new filter has low resistance and greatly reduces the load on the air conditioner. The cost of replacing the filter is far less than the electricity cost required for the operation of the air conditioner. Frequent replacement of the pre-filter pre-filter actually makes the air conditioner run under a low resistance load, saving a lot of electricity costs.

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