how to change your air filter

by:Booguan     2020-09-05
Replacing the air filter is one of the best things you can do for your car.
If your air filter gets dirty (and it will! )
Your engine will start to become slow, unresponsive and inefficient.
Your MPG will drop and the pressure on the engine can cause permanent damage.
Not only do you have to replace the air filter products on a regular basis, but you are also one of the easiest repairs at home.
There are a lot of air filters to choose from.
Any clean filter will provide better airflow and more power than dust and dirt filters.
The standard filter should be replaced once a year (
Or about every 30,000 miles)
Maybe more if you live in a dusty place.
Some brands that are more performance-oriented, such as K & N or S & B, can actually be removed, cleaned and re-inserted.
In addition, your performance filters are usually customized
Designed to enter your specific vehicle directly.
First, make sure you stop on the flat ground, turn off the ignition and open the hood.
Yes, I know you\'re turning your eyes.
But this is an important step worth mentioning.
Find and open your air filter unit your device may be located at the top of the engine. Probably.
Check your vehicle manual to find out the exact location of it as it varies depending on the vehicle.
There is usually a plastic or metal cover on it.
Loosen the clip that seals the filter unit to the air pipe track, remove any screws, clips or nuts that hold the lid in place, and remove it.
Add some content here about consulting the vehicle manual to properly locate the air filter.
You can even add that on some vehicles it may not be from the engine compartment.
Take some tape during cleaning time (
Something easy to remove-like Scotch whisky or masking tape)
Cover your air pipe.
You don\'t want anything to fall in when you work.
With this cover, you can take a vacuum or air compressor and clean your air filter housing to make sure that no debris is left.
Don\'t forget to take the tape down when you\'re done.
Place the new filter in place (
Or in the case of some performance filters-put the cleaned filter back in place).
Make sure the rubber edge seals all edges.
Grab the lid and put it back in place with any clips or screws you remove.
This step is important because if your lid is not aligned properly, you can pay for it in your engine performance.
So, now you\'re done.
Your car is healthier and the performance is better and it only takes you a few minutes.
To be honest, you don\'t have to bother paying the mechanic to do that. (
In fact, some annoying garages may have a dirty air filter on hand and they will take it out and tell people.
You\'re lucky, you know that. )
So again, 12 months or 30,000 miles is your rule of thumb, be sure to write down the mileage of the day you replaced the filter.
I like to put a small notebook in my glove box where I can write down information about my vehicle.
In this way, I will always remember where it is.
If you live in the dustier area, you may want to change it more often.
That\'s it. You can go.
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