How to change the filter bag filter bag? How to prolong the service life?

by:Booguan     2020-11-03
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the advantages of bag filter itself is very much, such as the structure is new, small volume, operation is very simple, high air filtration product efficiency, low energy consumption, wide application range and applicability, and filter bag replacement is very convenient. A filter has so many advantages, if not good use, will affect the service life, then in the process of using bag filter should pay attention to what?

note that change the way of filter bag

in the replacement of filter bag, bag filter note to change the way of filter bag, in general will shut off water inlet valve, after open the exhaust valve, so that the pressure inside the bag filter, drop to normal pressure condition. To open the lid on the bolt, then open the fixed ring filter bag card, pay attention to the correct way of operation, do not remove the violence. Removed after take out the clogging of filter bag, replace the new filter bag, after fixed filter bag card ring, then close the lid, the lid lock, after open the water valve, when the exhaust valve have liquid flowing, can close the discharge valve. This operation process is very fast, basically the whole change the filter bag is not more than 15 minutes.

note when replacement, remove the bag filter must find a way, when using rational tools to remove, not to destroy the snap ring and roof bolt, avoid because of wrong operation cause the filter bag cannot be fixed or affect the sealing of bag filter.

when using bag filter should pay attention to these problems

in the use of bag filter, is need to check regularly, so check regularly can make bag filter always stay in the normal and stable work of the state, also can remedy in time, once the problems during the inspection to check what place? 1, check the link pipe explain enough, if there is any leakage or damage phenomenon to appear; 2, check the pressure gauge, to see if the value of pressure is normal, in normal operation and closing machine when all want to look at these Numbers, see if import and export valve seal enough, the pressure to reduce the speed is normal 3, to see if the type O sealing ring in the deformation or scratches, whether have damage phenomenon to appear, if there is a similar phenomenon, you need to change in time. To remind everyone, of course, in the process of checking must pay attention to safety, to avoid incorrect check way cause inspectors cannot guarantee personal safety during the inspection.

in the use of bag filter, the process of operation process, and change the filter bag, or at the time of inspection maintenance, should pay attention to use the right way and the process.

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