how to change a cabin air filter

by:Booguan     2020-09-03
You may have guessed the installation of the new cabin air filter, and the installation of the new cabin filter is almost the opposite of the steps you used to take out the old filter.
But before you trade it in, take a few minutes to clean up the housing compartment and air intake.
This will help to improve the air in the car and set the new cabin air filter products on the road to enjoy a good long life.
Once everything is cleaned, put the new cabin air filter products into the slot left by the old filter.
Safely repackage or repackage anything that needs to be fixed with the new filter in place ---
You don\'t want any air to slide by unfiltered air.
After completing this task, you can rest assured that you will breathe more pure air without allergies --
Causing pollen and cough.
This is especially important if you or any of your regular passengers have breathing problems and make it particularly irritating or even dangerous to breathe dirty air.
Usually, you will want to change the cabin air filter once a year, or change it every 12,000 to 15,000 miles (
19,312 to 24,140)
, Although it doesn\'t hurt to take it out and shake the pieces between changes from time to time.
If you live in traffic
The city center is blocked and you may want to change your life more often than in a more rural setting.
The more you force your air filter to work, the faster it will clog up.
Now that your car has a new air filter, you can breathe easily and, in fact, you can breathe easily.
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