How swim pool filter cleaning?

by:Booguan     2020-11-16
Filter equipment

needless to say, you should know that swimming swimming pool filter is the soul of the swim pool, is indispensable. But because of long time using, the filter can produce stain accumulation, the machinery, equipment and other kinds of situations in which a, if not timely use agents to do the cleaning and maintenance, swim pool soon swim pool will be pollution, can not continue for all to use.

you might say, have not swim pool filters, but filters use a long time, filter will hoard so many microorganisms and above junk, if not the hoarding of content processing, can affect the filter's filtering effect, seriously affect the filter device, therefore, in order to ensure smooth filter, regularly carries on the back flush, the material of various don't washed away, and went out of the discharge pipe line.

quartz sand filter commonly used as a swimming pool filter equipment, to clean the accumulation of fat is the cause of instead of calcification, or massage pool for swimming pool in the surface of the recycled water has many human skin grease, this kind of fat without reasonable processing, accumulates on the surface of quartz sand, lead to quartz sand of aliphatic, so fat will continue into the depths of the filter layer drilling, eventually to be full of the whole side of the filter layer. At this time, the fat will be because of the overall filter layer resistance and couldn't is captured by the filter, the water will be green to yellowish cloudy, even back flush didn't also the way to improve water quality, can only change water to solve the problem. But no long repeat again, this kind of situation is very easy in massage pool. And filter cylinder cleaner is dealing with such cases used medicines, it just like the soap, it is mainly used to immerse quartz sand, the degreasing, it is to soak in the surface of the filtering material cleaning, can remove the filter medium resistance condition, filtered water quality improvement. Don't need to tear open cylinder clean screen pack, this can also reduce the damage of the filter, prolong the service life of filter material, filtering efficiency, reduce the frequency of backwashing are not solvent, no harm, no bubble, odourless, no smell, can effect on biological decomposition and so on.

and the concrete is how to use?

the pool water level down to the water cycle need low water level, then open the water pump, add right amount in the backwater area of filter cylinder cleaner products, maintain water pump cycle for an hour; To ensure that the filter cylinder cleaner with oil and other impurities in the pipeline has plenty of reaction time, reaction time is 30 ~ 60 minutes, usually to suspend cycle one and a half hours. Then open the pump cycle for an hour at a time, the suspension loop again two hours, cycle again after one hour. To see the port after the occurrence of a large number of oil pollution, impurities, such as foam, rinse with clean water piping, after washing clean, into the pool to add water to the pool. After using the precipitant or clarifying agent clarify. So swim ChiChiShui can return to normal use.

the above is the small make up to introduce the swim pool or massage pool these places how to clean, maintain water quality related contents of introduction, hope to have a friend needs help.

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