How much do you know quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter?

by:Booguan     2020-11-12
Activated carbon air filtration product equipment

quartz sand filter and activated carbon filter, as is commonly used in sewage treatment of two kinds of filter equipment, everyone know to them? Know they can filter material and main advantage is what? If you still don't understand it doesn't matter, then, small make up take you to see these two kinds of filter equipment.

1, quartz sand filter

quartz sand filter based on quartz sand filter material filter, it can be reasonable and effective to remove the water slurry, the colloid, iron, manganese, pesticides, organic matter, bacteria, viruses and other water contaminants have prominent removal effect.

quartz sand filter with small resistance, specific surface area is big, acid and alkali resistance, oxidation resistance is strong, category of pH between 2 to 13, good stain resistance and other advantages. Quartz sand filter characteristic advantage lies in the optimization of the filter material and filter. This design completed the adaptive filter is used. Filtering material on the raw water concentration, conditions of use, have very strong adaptability, preparation process and so on in the filtering bed filter is automatically in the process of dense mode, is beneficial to the protection of all kinds of water quality. Quartz sand filter material of filtering in the backwashing process can completely dispersed, cleaning effect is very good.

sand filter with filtration velocity more quickly in the quartz sand filter, filter, high precision, large section carrying capacity and other advantages. Widely used in electric power engineering, electronics, drinks, daily water, the oil industry, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, textile, papermaking, food, swimming pool, municipal road engineering technology, such as water, domestic water, reclaimed water and wastewater pretreatment, etc.

sand filtration equipment simple structure, use can complete automatic control, processing workflow, recoil resistance, high filtration efficiency, less time, use convenient maintenance and other advantages.

2, activated carbon filter,

the filter material of activated carbon filter is activated carbon, used to get rid of color, smell, residual chlorine and organic matter. Its main function method is adsorption. Activated carbon is artificial production of adsorbent.

activated carbon filter commonly used in domestic water, food industry, chemical industry, power engineering and other fields of water for processing. Activated carbon with porous structure, large specific surface area, the water dissolving organic matter such as benzene, phenol has strong adsorption ability. Of biological method, chemical cannot remove chromaticity, smell, surfactants, synthetic detergent, dye and other organic pollutants is also have very good effect. Granular activated carbon for water Ag +, Cd ^ ^ 2 +, CrO4 ^ 2 - The removal rate of over 85%. After general water by activated carbon filter bed, water floater below 0. 1 mg/l, the COD removal rate is 40% ~ 50% commonly, free chlorine less than 0. 1mg/l。

at this point, everyone of quartz sand filter and activated carbon filter is a new understanding? Didn't expect their filtering effect is good, if you also need this two kinds of filter equipment, can according to their own needs of filtering material to choose the suitable filter equipment.

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