How much do you know key elements of the air filter?

by:Booguan     2020-11-09
Air air filtration product equipment

air filter, may the word is unfamiliar for most people, less air purifier can let a person is familiar. But the air filters are needed for most of the industry, as long as there is a use of central air conditioning, hvac systems will use air filter. In 2019, according to relevant data statistics, air filter products industry market size of 94. 500 million yuan, is widely used in semiconductor, household appliances, automobile, precision instrument manufacturing, medicine, biology, electronics, food, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other industries, which is used for industrial production of dominant. Why, then, air filter products can be widely used?

at present, due to air pollution, smoking population, environment, factors such as rising out of control, and in recent years, increasing the incidence of lung cancer. Public show unprecedented anxiety and concern, the hidden danger of environmental pollution caused by the national environmental awareness rising. In fact, nearly 10 years, frequent fog also let air filter industry obtained rapid development in the past few years.

as industrial technology advances, are also constantly for industrial precision and cleanliness. As a result, the air filter is frequently used in industrial production. We all know that suspension with a lot of dust in the air, it is through to the observed with the naked eye. Therefore, we can't use general clean way to deal with the dust, but in many cases, these dust tend to cause certain influence to the work. For example: the dust in the air will exacerbate mechanical rotating parts wear degree, reduce the mechanical precision and service life. If the spread of dust in the workshop, can make the visibility, affect vision, obstruct the operation of the workers, reduce the labor productivity. And industrial production of air filter can put the dust content low air purification treatment into the interior, in order to make sure the process requirement of clean room and clean air, usually used in the microelectronics industry, coating industry, food and beverage industry, biological pharmaceutical industry and other fields.

in addition, as the environmental protection is more and more high to the requirement of the enterprise, especially for air pollution have strict requirements. For air pollution from factories, demanding is toxic. Some heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, chromium, beryllium toxicity is very large, its emissions caps are very strict. In terms of air toxicity, the United States and Germany have gone through the new more stringent legislation. After implement the new legislation, air toxicity limit from 20 mg/cubic meters to 010004 mg/cubic meter. To achieve this goal,
factory needs more advanced filters to remove these particles.

the increasingly see the entire market demand for air filter products, we believe that with the development of era, the future of awareness of the purification of the consumers, air filter demand is rising year by year.

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