How much do you know about hepa filter air supply outlet?

by:Booguan     2020-10-24
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in the production of daily life is essential to a piece of equipment. Especially in the clean workshop dust-free workshop, pharmaceutical, etc. , have certain requirements in terms of environmental clean place, will be used to efficiently filter. best hepa filter for particle diameter greater than zero. 3 nm capture efficiency can reach 99. More than 97%, so the test operations such as the rule, and is an important means to assure the workshop sanitation clean. Hepa filter air supply outlet is the main part of equipment, and efficient inlet filter and includes four parts: inlet, static pressure cavity, , flow plate. Basic composition learned and small make up move on it for you.

in the installation of air supply outlet and when there is a requirement, install, need to meet the following conditions:

1, the air supply outlet duct and the connection between the need and firm, keep rigor.

2, of air supply outlet at the time of installation and indoor lamps and lanterns and so on need to maintain coordination. Looks beautiful, neat, generous.

3, air supply outlet can be used in a reliable fixed, and metope place installation should keep close to the surface to level off, the connection need to adopt measures to seal of the joint.

air supply outlet is a standard configuration and , at the time of purchase to pay attention to the standard configuration. Inlet and duct connection and can be used by or side joint. Between the box body can be manufactured high-quality cold plate, outside electrostatic pensu measures is needed to be fitted with the diffuser plate. Efficient inlet filter into wind means has the top side into the wind and the wind in two ways. In terms of material selection of air supply outlet can have thermal insulation layer and choose stainless steel material. After buying the air supply outlet and can be measured, the measuring method is as follows:

1, the use of air cover directly points to the nozzle, can immediately get accurate measurements. Within a nozzle is there are a lot of holes and grille, instantaneous anemometer rushed to crack, the grid after accurate measurement averaging.

2, in decorating a partition outlet diffuser plate overall width over 2 times the place a few more like a grid of points, with the wind and the mean values.

3, the central circulatory system and , clean level is higher, the wind flow will and other coarse, effect of lack of don't.

now efficient filters are generally adopts the high and new technology of air supply outlet, the design of the high and new technology can be the distribution of airflow when made more reasonable, the structure is simpler. Surface is treated with paint coating, can prevent corruption
the corrosion and acid proof. High efficiency filter of air supply outlet is good airflow organization, can achieve clean area, increase the effect of cleaning, keep clean workshop environment. best hepa filter is an air filtration product equipment can meet the requirements of purification.

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