how long does a car\'s air filter last?

by:Booguan     2020-08-30
Any engine that runs through fuel combustion requires air to run.
This is because there is no air, especially oxygen, and fuels like gasoline and diesel cannot burn, nor can they provide explosive power to the engine.
The trick is, not just any old air will do it.
In modern cars, air must be cleaned before air is sucked into the engine intake chamber and combustion chamber.
If not, you are at risk of dust, dirt and debris, quickly polluting the engine, causing poor performance and potentially shortening the life of the car.
The foreign particles act as an abrasive on the metal parts of the engine and wear out the engine bearings, Pistons and cylinders.
In addition, modern engines rely on a precise air-fuel ratio.
When the engine lacks air, it is said that the fuel mixture is running too \"rich\", which actually adds pressure to the engine.
Fortunately, we have an engine air filter that allows the right amount of air in the ditch of our vehicle\'s engine, while capturing particles that can cause damage to our engine.
But even the best air filters can only withstand so much abuse from the outside environment.
So, as a car owner, how do you know when to replace the air filter products?
It all depends on the difficulty and condition of driving the car, just like the situation of the car parts.
If the car is of great use in dusty, harsh conditions (think of stop-and-
With a lot of construction going on, driving to the city)
So the changes in the air filter products more frequently are ordered.
On the other hand, if you happen to be a known little old lady in Pasadena who only drives on Sundays, you can change the air filter products without frequent changes.
Some experts recommend replacing air filters every 3,000 miles (
With the change of oil [
Source: 2 CarPros. com].
Others say it\'s a bit too much and you should use your judgment visually --
Check the air filter and change it off when it looks dirty.
Of course, your best choice is to consult the owner\'s manual or model --
Specific guidelines for vehicles from publishers such as Haynes or Chilton.
Then follow the manufacturer\'s advice on changing the filter type and frequency.
For example, GM recommends replacing 60,000-for many of its vehicles-mile (96,561-kilometer)mark.
But a car expert said that because of where he was driving, he changed the air filter of his car every two or 24,000 miles (
Whichever comes first [
Source: Torbjornsen].
In any case, checking air filters at least once every 6,000 miles is a smart and positive policy (
It doesn\'t seem to cost much, and it can save you expensive repairs on the road!
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