How long can the high efficiency filter replacement cycle?

by:Booguan     2020-10-24
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clean room of the dry humidity of the indoor environment, the environment temperature, outdoor fresh air quantity, status, such as light intensity are stringent requirements, to ensure working personnel of enterprise product manufacturing quality and comfort. The clean room system is equipped with a complete set of filter equipment, including early effect, effect and efficient in the tertiary filtration system of air purification equipment, adjust the clean area number fine particulate matter and its settlement bacteria and floating bacteria, etc. , as the terminal filtration system decision-making of the whole air purification equipment operation effect, thus for replacement time master is the key.

about efficient comb filter to replace standard has the following several aspects:

1, in the clean room, whether it is installed in the clean air handling units without the big air volume high efficiency air filter or installed in a highly efficient air supply outlet efficient filter air filtration product equipment, such as the medical have accurate statistics and operation time for cleanliness and exhaust air data, these will be used as the basis for replacement, if in the use of the normalized condition, service life and can be up to more than one year of time, such as front-end do good maintenance, the service life and can take two years or more, naturally it also depends on the quality of high efficiency air filter, if the quality is very good, perhaps use cycle will be longer.

2, installed in the efficient filter in the air purification equipment, the wind leaching room , such as front-end effectively filter maintenance does well at the beginning of the service life and is able to take two years or more; High efficiency filter, such as purification worktable, people can according to the differential pressure of purification worktable table reminded to replace the , on the purification workshop according to the inspection level of wind speed of high efficiency air filter to decision-making air filter replacement is a better time, if it's head on the fan filter unit of high efficiency air filter replacement is also based on PLC control system to remind remind or differential pressure table in the replacement of high efficiency air filter.

3, purifying workshop design standards required by the to replace standard is:

air velocity to lower end, generally less than 0. 35m/s;

resistance 2 times of initial value, the company is set to 1. 5 times;

leakage can't repair, repair is not more than 3 points, total repair area of no more than 3%, according to a single point of repair area can not exceed 2 cmx2cm.

we have some working experience in air filter installation staff summarizes the valuable experience to share here, hope can help you in mastering the air filter to replace the better time is more accurate, spreads in the air handling unit pressure table show air filter resistance to resistance at the beginning of 2 ~ 3 times, maintain or replace the air filter should be interrupt.

in the absence of differential pressure table, according to the following Jane double postures to determine whether there is a need to change layout:

to check the air filter and the color of the wind side air filtration product material, such as the surface wind filtering material color black will need to prepare for change;

by hand touch air filter out wind surface filtration material, such as hand have relatively more dust, prepare for change;

many statistical change situation of indoor air air filter, summary the better replacement cycle time;

in the high efficiency air filter products under the premise of the end resistance, and present a clean room and differential pressure of the adjacent room very significantly reduced, the large resistance may be junior high efficiency filtration systems, prepare for change;

show clean room cleanliness to the design requirements, or present a negative pressure, change in junior high efficiency air filter products is not arrived, may be is high efficiency air filter resistance is bigger, prepare for change.

4, under normal use, 1 ~ 2 years to replace one, but the data also need to combined with the actual working environment. Working experience in data also can be in a specific engineering, through the operation of clean room inspection, find out the suitable for the clean room work experience data, ensure that the use of the clean room.

if ascension use category, the service life of the deviation is hard to avoid. Such as inspection replacement food packaging workshop, chemical laboratory clean room , life will be more than 3 years.

as a result, the service life of the filtering system experience value, can't at will use range. If the system design is unreasonable, fresh air system processing is not timely, clean room dust control scheme is not reasonable, service life and will no doubt be shortened, some that apply to 1 year have to be replaced.

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