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by:Booguan     2020-09-06
Lawn rudder handle maintenance and CareNow you have your rudder handle, you have dug a little bit and you need to learn how to maintain your machine properly.
Farming is a dirty business, so your tillers need more maintenance than many other household tools.
The first and most important rule of ownership of the rudder handle is to keep the machine clean.
After you arrive, remove from the rudder handle with a hose, paying special attention to the pointed teeth.
If there are any vines or roots around the axle, be sure to cut them off.
After a while, tines itself becomes dull, especially if used in rock soil.
If you have a lighter mini
Rudder handle or small front-
Patch the rudder handle, flip it and grind the blade with Metal Gear.
Don\'t try to turn it over if you have a large rudder handle.
In this case, remove the blades and clip them on the pair before using the metal files.
If you feel uncomfortable yourself, you can take this equipment to repair once a year, depending on how much you use.
Thanks to the large amount of dirt and dust seen by the rudder handle, you have two things to do: change the oil and air filter products.
The most convenient homeowner can change each by himself.
There will be a drain plug near the bottom of the tank.
Remove this plug when the engine is warm and drain the oil into the oil pan.
Replace the drain plug with the recommended grade of new oil and refill it.
Then start and run the engine at idle speed for 30 seconds.
Stop the engine, wait another 30 seconds and restart
Check the oil level.
At this point, make sure it reaches the full mark on the oil ruler and make sure that the oil is properly processed at the authorized recycling center near you.
The same is true for air filters.
Find the type you need in your manual and you can turn it off in a few minutes.
Most air filters come in a simple-to-
Remove the square plastic box.
Air filters are replaced every 18 to 20 hours of use or once a year, whichever comes first.
Unless you use more than 50 hours a year, the oil should be replaced once a year.
If you are not sure which parts are there, please refer to your owner\'s manual.
Again, if you feel uncomfortable performing these routine maintenance checks, you can pay someone else to do it for you.
At the end of the gardening season, dry the gas tank before storage.
Don\'t try to empty the gas tank if you can\'t do it.
Just go to the local hardware store to buy the fuel stabilizer and use it as instructed.
This will prevent the gas from being off-season.
Always store your rudder handle in a dry and cool place, preferably in a basement or shed.
Sunlight can have a negative effect on the tire, and moisture can cause the tire to rust.
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