How high efficiency filter leak detection? How to prolong the service life of the?

by:Booguan     2020-10-25

of modern society, many people is no stranger to the existence of the filter, small to everybody soya-bean milk every morning filter, big to the industrial use of all kinds of high efficiency filter, of course, these filters in the process of using also need to master the correct method to ensure the service life of the, so high efficiency filter leak detection method is what? How to extend the life of when to use? We look at the introduction of below.

high efficiency filter leak detection methods:

some of the medical equipment in the process of production in our country, is very strict to the requirement of production environment, because the environment will directly affect the quality of the products, so these companies in building workshop will pay attention to the cleanliness of the air, and the plant air dust particles and the number of microorganisms; Nowadays of drugs and medical equipment industry, many will adopt the air filter products the air into the indoor, outdoor air by filtering after entered the building, can effectively guarantee the quality of production environment of air.

high efficiency filter leak detection principle is put on the detection filter tuyere aerosol as dust source, sample can be through the photometer in tuyere with dust gas at this time will be in the midst of the scattering of light photometer by electrical effect and transformed into a linear amplifier power, then through microamps table fast display; When leak detection equipment, can according to the different environmental requirements, choose different leak detection method, which can reduce the production cost, and increase the work efficiency.

method of prolonging the service life of the high efficiency filter:

in the using process of equipment, to prolong the service life of the needs from the aspects of daily maintenance and regular maintenance, of course, in the usual course of using, also want to cooperate with each other, between each device in the process of repair if the devices found some minor faults, all want to solve, only in this way can the normal operation of equipment, does not affect the production efficiency, ensure the service life of equipment.

this is for the use of high efficiency filter made by related introduction, each device in the process of use, all need serious study specialized knowledge, and master the skills, only in this way can make its professional advantages and characteristics of fast and efficient play out, at the same time also can ensure healthy normal operation, so as to create more benefit for the user.

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