How doth the hepa filter tank need

by:Booguan     2020-11-15
Hepa filter products

tank is one of the filtering equipment is commonly used in industrial production, it is often used in the area of high requirements for air quality, such as a hospital operating room, other dust-free working environment and so on. Hepa filter tank often with some early effect of filter purification of systematic solution.

in practical applications, the tank can not only reduce the impurity particles in the air, can also be used for filtration and separation of impurities in the liquid, and most of its internal filter material activated carbon material, its stability is good, in use process prone to failure.

at the same time, the liquid tank filter big advantage is the installation process is simpler, good sealing, high air filtration product efficiency, and has certain corrosion resistance, therefore is suitable for different types of gas and liquid environment. From the structure, fluid tank filter modular structure is obvious, and the maintenance are convenient, in practical application, it does not require special maintenance and maintenance, so the service life is longer, more durable.

tank during the installation process, is also very simple, main body structure of the first install it - — Liquid tank parts, this part of the installation will involve sealing liquid, liquid trough in the sealing liquid can have the effect of sealing, vacuuming, play to play a supporting role on the performance of the filter. Next, want to continue with the installation of external frame structure, this part of the installation structure mainly includes the boom box body and support plate.

when installing a filter, a certain demand, employee to pinpoint the location for installation, the inside of the filter cartridge is 'delicate', therefore, can not weight, also can not directly with the hand to touch, to prevent damage or contamination of filter paper dust influence its filtering performance.

when tank filter installation, need to be done on the frame. So when it comes to mobile liquid tank filter, separating the filter with the framework, then in mobile operation, if the movement of the whole tank filter, easy to cause tank internal leakage of liquid.

the use of filter equipment, over a long period of time will accumulate a lot of dust and let dust amount is too high will lead to the performance of the filter, so need to regularly scheduled maintenance filter equipment, so as to ensure filter equipment keeps stable performance.

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