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by:Booguan     2020-08-29
Would you like to know if it is important to use air conditioning filters containing activated carbon?The addition of carbon may be a very important part of the air filter products manufacturing process.Adding carbon to the filter material increases the adsorption performance of the air filter, allowing more air pollutants to be removed from the air.Activated carbon is one of the most commonly used adsorption materials for residential and commercial air filters.
Activated carbon is usually added to air filters to help remove gas contaminants in indoor space that can be harmful if inhaled.These gas contaminants may be the result of the exhaust gas generated by the combustion process of the vehicle, cooking or smoking on the gas stove, or they may be derived from building materials and furniture.After using cleaning products, paints, adhesives or pesticides, there may be high levels of gas contaminants in the air.Air filters containing Activated carbon can also be used to remove unpleasant smells in the air, including pet and cooking.Each air filter products should be sealed separately to ensure that the carbon is not used up until it is put into use.The activated carbon added to the air filter is attached to the filter material, which cleans the air flow when the air flows through the device.When gas contaminants are in contact with carbon, they are adsorbed on the carbon to be maintained until the filter is changed and discarded.Different types of air filters have different adsorption levels for different types of gas contaminants.Most residential and commercial air filters are designed to handle a limited number of gas contaminants and may be ineffective in removing contaminants that are not designed.Although the concentration of pollutants may be temporarily reduced, the air filter will not be able to reduce the concentration to non-Unless the air filter is designed for these specific needs, the level of danger will last for a long time.Commercial and Residential air filters containing carbon are very effective in removing a variety of molecules related to the way of life of humans, including the smell of garbage, the smell of the bathroom, the smell of food, and the smell of perfumes and Cologne.Through the activated carbon in the filter, the pet smell can be eliminated, and the cigarette smell can be reduced to a level that can be ignored.However, it is important to realize that carbon is not very effective in eliminating harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide, ethane, propane or hydrogen, from the internal air of the home or business.
Once the carbon is exhausted, it is important to remove the air filter because the air filter is ineffective in removing gas contaminants without carbon adsorption.The packaging of the air filter products will provide the equipment with a suggested service life, after which the equipment should be replaced to ensure efficient performance, prevent overload and prevent the trapped pollutants from being released back into the air.
Many manufacturers suggest that the weight of carbon is equal to the validity (100 grams is better than 20 grams), but this is not necessarily true.The most important factor is the real surface area, because the carbon is not absorbed like a sponge, it will be adsorbed, and the pollutants will be adsorbed on the surface.20g powder (fine) carbon is much better than a 100g carbon ball.To illustrate this, calculate the surface area of a basketball and bb (very small copper ball used in the air rifle), which will fit the regular basketball.Surprisingly, in this case, the surface area of bb is 200,000 times the surface area of basketball.If basketball and bb are carbon, bb\'s ability will be 200,000 times that of carbon.

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