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by:Booguan     2020-08-29
Air filters can have a huge impact on the life and performance of the engine.It is an important part of the intake system and is responsible for capturing any dirt or debris in the air that will enter the intake system.It is important not to allow dust into the engine as it can cause great damage and even kill your power plant.
The air filter is made of cotton, paper or gauze.This material must capture dirt and still allow air to pass through.The air filter products does not capture 100% of the dirt particles, but usually filters out about 99% of the particles.
The new filter usually keeps less dirt than the old one.The new filter must first build a dust film to make the holes on the filter smaller and allow it to capture more dirt.When too much dirt is accumulated in the air filter, the air entering the engine is affected and needs to be replaced.
Not replacing the air filter products will reduce the performance of the engine and the MPG of the vehicle.You can either replace the air filter products with a direct paper replacement or upgrade to a performance air filter.The K & N filter is one of the most popular performance air filters on the market today.
The medium of the filter is made of cotton and gauze, with an aluminum wire screen in the middle.They allow more air flow while providing excellent filtration.Increasing the air flow into the engine will increase the horsepower and acceleration as the engine is more efficient to operate.
The K & N filter is washable and reused.
They usually cost about $45.
55 for most vehicles, 50,000 miles can be traveled before cleaning is required.Paper air filters in stock need to be replaced about every 8000 miles for about $1520.Think about the money you can save on 100 miles.
The environment will thank you for using reusable air filters as you can prevent the used paper air filters from piling up in the filling of the land.The K & N Filters come with a 1 million mile warranty, so they will definitely last the life of your vehicle
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