How do you determine the ac filter cleaning cycle?

by:Booguan     2020-11-07
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air conditioning after long time use, the screen will appear a lot of dirt, impurities, dirt and so on, these things will be blocked filter, affect the normal operation of air conditioning, so you need to air conditioning screen pack cleaning on a regular basis, just how to do that? Should be how to determine the ac filter cleaning cycle? Small make up recommend can obtain from the following several aspects, determine the ac filter should be cleaned in what period of time.

1, buy air conditioning know cleaning cycle

in the first place in the purchase of air-conditioning, should be timely to ask the merchants of selling the air conditioning, at what time when cleaning air conditioning screen pack is quite reasonable. Merchants in the production and manufacture of air-conditioning, is bound to be in air conditioning screen pack situation, will know the power of air conditioning and other conditions, thus air-conditioning manufacturers themselves to the ac filter air filtration product ability have a certain understanding, also know how long it will take in air conditioning, need to replace the ac filter.

2, according to the season situation flexible adjustment

when using air conditioning, of course, still need to be flexible according to the season situation of ac filter cleaning. In general winter and summer air conditioning time will be longer, so air conditioning in the two seasons running for a long time, will also lead to filter for air conditioning to work long hours, and accumulated a lot of stains, dust and impurities, so in these two seasons, every one to two months, you need to air conditioning screen pack cleaning. At the same time in winter or summer first before air conditioning, also need a ac filter cleaning work in a timely manner.

3, according to the situation in a timely manner to clean air conditioning

of course, completely according to the theory to make sure it is not enough, when using air conditioning, need according to the actual situation of the air conditioning, to determine whether ac filter need to be cleaned. , for the moment, ac filter if accumulated too much dirt, dust and debris, can lead to poor air conditioning wind, adjust temperature efficiency low condition, at this point you need to view the ac filter in time, to see if it needs cleaning air conditioning screen pack.

want to better use of air conditioning, so must be done in a timely manner ac filter cleaning, in addition to, the cleaning cycle is given in accordance with the manufacturer for ac filter cleaning, need according to the actual situation, timely adjust the cleaning cycle, make filter cleaner, always avoid because filter stain and dust too much, and lead to air conditioning seized up.

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