how do i check the air filter on a car?

by:Booguan     2020-09-05
Bad air filters on the carburetor or fuel injection engine can cause more damage to the engine than you think.
Symptoms of air filter blockage: it is difficult to start the engine with poor power to accelerate the increase in fuel consumption (
More frequent tank filling)
Black smoke at the tail pipe increases emissions. Clogged air filters will result in: wrong emissions around the internal components of the engine. The internal components damage the oil and compress the leakage of the car air filter products to prevent dust, debris, and grinding from touching the intake manifold, cylinder and valve system.
Therefore, the air filter helps to provide good clean, fresh air for the engine to achieve an efficient combustion process.
But as the vehicle increases, the number of particles around the air filter will also increase.
The air filter gradually becomes a limiting filter.
Then your engine works harder and consumes more fuel to get the air it needs;
The damaged particles, dust and grinding are forced through the filter, and the wear and tear of the internal parts accelerate, resulting in a decrease in engine performance and service life.
According to the US Department of Energy, clogged air filters reduce engine power and fuel economy by 11%.
This is not all.
Once the air filter is worn out, contaminants in the air enter the engine.
Pollutants will not only damage the air flow (MAF)
Sensors, but when they are stuck in tight gaps, scraping pistons, cylinder walls, piston rings, bearings, and other major components, can be used as sandpaper inside the engine.
The next thing you know is that your engine is leaking oil and compressing.
By then you have an expensive repair that can be avoided by spending a few dollars at the right time.
So if you are driving regularly on dusty roads, please change your car air filter products every once in a while.
This guide tells you how to properly check and replace air filters on your vehicle.
In most vehicles, it takes only a few minutes to replace the air filter and sometimes a screwdriver is needed.
On some models, it may take longer when the filter is difficult to arrive. I.
How to check the air filter?
Checking the air filter is a simple process.
But be careful when removing components.
The air filter is part of the air sensing system.
Pipe Works and other parts are easily misaligned and sometimes damaged when not properly replaced or processed.
When taking out air filters from the housing or air filter assembly, learn how the different components are combined in order to replace them in the right way.
Open the hood and find the filter housing or air filter assembly.
On an old car type with a carburetor or throttle jet (TBI)
System, find a round-or oval-
Shaped metal housing facing the top and back of the engine compartment.
This is the air filter housing.
The cover has one or two mounting wing nuts.
Modern cars use some kind of multi-port fuel injection system.
On these models, look for a black plastic pipe assembly at the top of the engine compartment.
You will find the filter case, a rectangular box (
Cold air collection box)
, Connected to the air duct connected to the throttle body.
Depending on your specific model, remove the cover on the air filter housing by unscrewing one or two wing nuts, or flipping the spring clip on the side of the Assembly.
Then, lift the lid.
On some models you may need to use a standard screwdriver or a cross screwdriver to open-
Get the end wrench or pliers for the air filter.
Also, you may need to unplug one or two electrical connectors.
Track the fasteners and electrical connectors that you may need to process in order to replace them in the appropriate position after completion.
Be careful with screws, dirt or small parts that may fall from the carburetor, tms board or air inlet.
Plug the throttle valve or pipe opening with a clean rag if necessary.
Most filters are round, panel or tapered.
The filter is a paper component that uses an orange or red plastic frame as a filter medium.
Remove the filter from the housing.
If your car uses a flat pleat air filter, please pay attention to the direction of the installation of the filter so that you can install the new filter correctly.
Carefully check the shell and the connection pipe or hose for damage such as cracks and burns.
Fix or replace components as needed.
Use a wet rag and vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris from the cover and filter enclosure if necessary.
On the model with plastic housing, handle the cover and shell with a small heart during cleaning.
It is easy to damage the plastic parts and eventually lead to air leakage, causing damage to the engine if dust, dirt and other foreign particles enter the combustion chamber.
Check the filter elements.
It doesn\'t matter if the filter loses some of its original colors.
However, please change the filter if you see signs of tears, water or oil.
Keep the filter in strong light.
Or put a bright flashlight behind the filter.
The light should be illuminated by a filter.
However, if the light does not pass through the filter and the element looks dark, you need to replace it.
If the filter is too dirty, do not try to remove dirt or dust by tapping the filter on the floor.
To make the filter reusable, it is difficult to release enough capture particles.
Reuse of clogged filters will only result in poor airflow and engine performance.
Also, according to your car manufacturer, please change the filter if your filter is to be replaced.
Find the service schedule of the filter in the owner\'s manual or vehicle repair manual.
If you don\'t have a repair manual, you can buy a cheap after-sales Repair Manual like this Haines manual at Amazon.
The Haynes manual comes with step-by-
Step procedures, photos and illustrations for many projects, such as maintenance, trouble shooting and repair of specific vehicle brands and models. II.
How to change the air filter?
After removing the old filter: match the old filter with the new one.
They should have the same physical size and configuration.
For better engine protection, try to use air filters of high quality or high quality.
Most air filters are cheap and do a good job.
However, if you live in areas with higher humidity, you may want to try using synthetic fibers with higher proportions or filters treated with resin, which makes it more resistant to moisture.
On the other hand, if you often drive in dirt roads, dusty areas or cities, consider using a foam air filter.
These filters are treated with oil and have a higher dust absorption rate than ordinary paper filters.
One drawback of oil, however, is that
The processed filter is if some oil reaches the mass air flow sensor (MAF-
On the vehicle equipped with it)
It may interfere with the normal operation of the sensor.
Pay special attention to this on the filter that can be re-cleanedoil.
After the inside of the filter shell is cleaned, it is completely dry and a new filter is installed.
Find any marks on the filter that may indicate where the filter should be installed.
For example, if one side of the filter is marked as Top, that side should be up.
Replace the housing cover and make sure it is properly sealed.
Otherwise, you will have a leak and dust particles will enter the engine where they will cause a lot of damage.
Fix the cover and other parts with wing nuts, clips or screws.
Replace the pipe and any other parts you have to remove. III.
How to change the cabin air filter?
Air filters are used in all internal combustion engines, but only some models are equipped with one or more cabin air filters.
When you turn on the air conditioner or heater, this filter removes allergens, dust, debris and other contaminants from the air entering the cabin.
If necessary, please consult your owner\'s manual for the location of the filter and the recommended service schedule.
Replace the cabin air filter: Find the cabin air filter products housing.
It is usually located under the dashboard (
Around the glove box)
Or next to the firewall (
Engine cabin).
Consult your owner\'s manual or repair manual.
You may need to remove several bolts in order to get into the filter.
After removing the filter, clean the dust and debris on the filter housing using a wet rag or vacuum cleaner.
Install a new filter in the enclosure. Replace the lid.
On some models, cabin filters can be cleaned and reused, mainly carbon filtersand cloth-type filters.
For instructions on how to clean the filter, please consult your owner\'s manual. IV.
Simple air filter replacement will have a positive impact when appropriate.
You will improve engine performance and power, fuel economy and service life.
Therefore, you will have less repairs to deal with in the future.
Moreover, since the cost of air filters is not high, it will take only a few minutes to replace, so you will get a lot of rewards by focusing on and maintaining this simple component.
So whenever you do routine maintenance of your vehicle, or need to open the hood for inspection, take the time to check the air filter for each oil change.
Car manufacturers recommend replacing air filters about once a year, depending on your specific model, or every 30,000 miles.
But if you usually drive in a dusty place, you need to replace it before.
This schedule is designed to give you time to install a clean air filter before the old air filter starts to adversely affect your engine.
Therefore, please refer to your owner\'s manual and replace the filter as per the manufacturer\'s recommended schedule.
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