How can air filters filter the air?

by:Booguan     2020-11-10
Air air filtration product equipment

air filter everyone not unfamiliar, whether it's family, or shop, or a workshop workshop and so on, will have the figure of air filter. The air filter is to filter the air, you know? In fact, air filter filter layer capture the effect of particles mainly have five.

1, the blocking effect: when a particle size of particles movement to the fiber surface surrounding the center line of the fiber surface spacing is lower than the particle radius, the dust particles would by fibre filter materials and pile up.

2, inertia effect: when the larger particles quality or speed is larger, given the inertia and the impact on the fiber surface and pile up.

3, diffusion effect, small size particles of Brownian motion is more strong and very easy to hit the fiber surface.

4, gravity: particles through fiber layer, piling up on the fiber by gravity settling.

5, electrostatic effect: fibers or particles are likely to take charge, form attract particle electrostatic effect, and the particles on the fiber surface.

understand the air filter capture particles after five ways, we'll know air filters filter technology, its main air filtration product separation methods.

1, according to different performance of the filtering device set, remove the suspended in the air dust particles and microorganisms, which is according to the filter material will dust particles intercept, capture requirements to ensure that sent to air cleanliness level. It commonly used filtering material for the smaller the diameter of the fiber, can make the air flow smoothly through, trap dust particles can be reasonably and effectively.

2, clean technology control filter dust is usually a 0. 1 ~ 10 microns of dust particles, particle size small, containing solid particles and liquid particles; Organic particles suspended in the atmosphere of a microbe, plant pollen, trivia and fluffy, microorganism usually contains virus, Eric fungus, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and algae. Air purification control mainly by bacteria and fungi, and viruses. Because microbial mainly adhesion on dust particles, and therefore will be reasonable and effective control of the dust particles in the air, can effectively control reasonable airborne bacteria, fungi and viruses. To do this, must be based on the characteristics of block particle filter, can be on the filter. Generally, ordinary hepa filter air filtration product efficiency of bacteria can achieve very high, can basically meet the demand of biological clean room filter purification.

the above is the analysis of the small make up for all the knowledge of the air filter is to filter the air, hope that through this article to introduce, let people better understand the air filters, at the same time, everybody when choosing air filter, can also be a reference and know environment need according to oneself, choose suitable air filter products equipment.

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