how air pollution affects your heart

by:Booguan     2020-09-02
You know air pollution can hurt your lungs.
But what about your heart?
Air pollution has proved to be another factor contributing to cardiovascular disease.
Air pollution increases inflammation, leading to many chronic diseases, according to a new study.
The study looks at the impact of air pollution within the home and a step that could reduce it.
Indoor air pollution poses a special problem for overall health as we spend most of our time indoors.
That\'s why new research in Canada is important because it finds that an indoor air filter can help reduce the risk of pollution for cardiovascular disease.
This fascinating study further expands our understanding of the links between pollution, inflammation, and disease.
Reducing or eliminating pollution sources and dealing with toxins is a major issue.
To learn more about detox, see my article: Why do you need to detox 24 hours a day. The findings are published in the Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, American Journal of the Thoracic Society.
Ryan Allen, lead author of the study, Ph. D.
Assistant professor at Simon Fraser University explained the goal of the study: \"Our main goal is to assess the possibility of simple intervention to improve indoor air quality and reduce pollution --
Associated cardiovascular health risks and a better understanding of the mechanisms leading to air pollution
Related cardiovascular health issues
The study investigates a small town in British Columbia, Canada, where, as expected, smoke on a wood stove is not only a critical heat source, it is also a major source of household air pollution.
So in order to see if they can clear the air and improve the health of the residents, they will HEPA (
High efficiency granular Air)
Air filters for 25 families.
Air filters are installed in the living room and bedroom.
But when the study goes on in a town where wood smoke is a major source of air pollution, buses and trucks also emit pollution, which may be related to other environments where by-products are burned-
For example, particles in diesel exhaust from trucks and buses-foul the air.
The results of the study on improving air Canada with an efficient air filter products are impressive, it was found that the HEPA filter placed in the tested House effectively reduced the average of 60% fine particulate matter and 75% wood smoke in the tested House.
They also found that the use of the HEPA filter was associated with the reduction of inflammation, namely, 32.
C-decrease by 6%
Active protein (CRP)
, And improvements in vascular function testing.
Learn more about improving your heart\'s health: Love your heart with stress management.
The reduction of CRP mentioned in the study was comparable to the reduction achieved by dietary changes.
However, it should be noted that this study shows that the particles and wood smoke in the filter are reduced, but the indoor air pollution is not completely eliminated.
The source of indoor air pollution is eliminated, in which case the firewood stove should be able to reduce indoor air pollution more significantly. Dr.
Allen concluded: \"HEPA filters are a potentially useful intervention because they are relatively cheap to buy and operate and can effectively remove tiny particles that can be inhaled, improve the air quality that is spent most of the time at home.
\"To get a better understanding of particle pollution, here\'s more information about American particlesS.
Environmental Protection Bureau (EPA)
: Visit EPA\'s air pollution resources website: publications and resources in New York City where I live and work, multiple sources of air pollution have led me to use HEPA filters for many years.
In the end, in order to clean the exhaust of these machines, the HEPA filter is even added to the vacuum cleaner.
Of course, in order for the filter to work properly, it is necessary to check the filter and replace it regularly.
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Do you use firewood stoves, fireplaces or any other source of indoor air pollution?
Do you use air filters?
If so, do you notice any benefits to the filter?
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Leo Garland, M. D.
Dr. Leo Galland is a member of the board.
Registered physician, author and international recognized leader in integrated medicine. Dr.
Galland is the founder of Pill Advised, a web app to learn about drugs, supplements, and food.
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Reference: \" intervention study on vascular endothelial function in healthy adults of wood smoke --
Affect the community \"morning. J. Respir. Crit. Care Med. 2011, doi:10. 1164/rccm. 201010-1572OCRyan W.
Alan, Dr.
The study of Simon Fraser University, School of Health Sciences, BC CanadaThe is funded by the British Columbia Lung Association, Department of Environment and Health, BC.
Residential air purifier (Second Edition)
: Summary of available information \"United StatesS.
Environmental Protection Bureau (EPA)
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Medical advice or consultation ,(ii)
Medical practice or provision of health diagnosis or treatment ,(iii)
Or the doctor\'s creation--
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