How about import filter does better than homebred equipment

by:Booguan     2020-11-05
Filter equipment

there are a lot of the kinds of filters, now import filters into the Chinese market, make a lot of customers in China focus on it, many companies also began to try to buy imported filter, this trend was more serious in the whole industry. Then import filters? Is it really true homebred equipment is better? The market experienced people also did some research.

import filters have attracted a lot of Chinese customers, gain a foothold in the Chinese market, it is because a lot of reasons. First of all, in a lot of customers in China, imports of equipment itself is better than domestic equipment, many clients rely on foreign technology, feel that their production equipment quality is reliable, skilled, long service life. The deep-rooted idea prompted many Chinese customers buy imported equipment.

second, imports of equipment in some ways indeed edge domestic equipment, such as technology, but not all of the equipment technology will be so good, the filter is just one of them, may indeed in some technology is more mature.

on the other hand, might make customers more rest assured, the price of imported filter prices are expensive, as the saying goes, the good stuff is not cheap, cheap goods is not good, and the price of imported equipment expensive it is to let the customers think import equipment. It is not without reason.

then true import filter is better than homebred? Professional market research staff said, in fact is not the case. We have a lot of homebred filter is also very good, no matter from the design structure or from the aspects of scientific research technology, are attracted to the success of the broad masses of Chinese and foreign customers, and to say the quality, is not to say that imports must be better than the domestic. The quality of the domestic many filter is also passed national professional department to examine, is standard equipment, some even use more than ten years there would be no problem, are indeed people rest assured products, brought help for enterprise development.

import filters? Import of equipment than homebred equipment really good? Through professional market research staff, we learn, in fact is not necessarily so. Now our country has a great development in science and technology, some areas also have new breakthrough, for the overall development has brought a lot of help.

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