Homemade high physical filtration tank cost is not high homemade process is hard

by:Booguan     2020-11-04

in the life everywhere is full of invention, especially the development of online shopping, the emergence of more DIY tools, more convenient for our ability to create myself. Small fish tank is more common in life, to raise a few fish, is also a way to relax in the busy work. Big to large aquarium, completely is a complete ecosystem. Today we'll learn homemade filter box need to pay attention to?

now life is good, a lot of people have their own preferences. Like a fish, a variety of flowers, these are more common. But, after all, their own things, always like to diy. Goldfish in the fish tank, looks very simple, actually is also a complete ecological system. Actually build such an ecosystem with running a company is the same. Each of these links can't be little, and the interaction between each link.

aquarium filter system on the market very much, but because of material itself as well as the appearance, we always feel not very satisfied. And build a tank always want to do myself. Homemade filter box is actually a very interesting thing. On the one hand, we can send in their own time, and can have fun in parenting.

we made filter box should have a plan in the first place. Such as size, use what material, what position in the tank, these must be prepared in advance. In the production process to avoid the controls. General filtering system must have the inlet, physical filter, chemical and biological air filtration product, after is the outlet. We must make them form a circle, this is the perfect air filtration product system.

in before we have access to relevant information, such as water flow problem, the choice of the volume flow is also different. With the purifier in life is the same reason. Big big room to choose specifications. To prevent the water too fast, the fish damage. And want to consider the pollution of water bodies, to filter on a regular basis. On the one hand, we also want to save water resources, on the one hand, according to the actual situation.

that is homemade filter box when need to pay attention to? Life is the opportunity to learn, everything makes sense. When we do the filter box like a project, planning in advance, choose what kind of material, to prepare the chance of success. You don't understand anything else can be related to the online information query.

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