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by:Booguan     2020-08-30
Why does Honeywell do this-011?
Although I have been looking for a clean one
For some time, when the annual smog in 2013 exceeded the \"danger\" range, the real motivation came. With a PSI (
Standard Index of pollutants)
In more than 300 of the population, all outdoor activities are considered dangerous without wearing N95 masks.
I started purchasing air filters considering this bleak background (
Not the purifier I realized.
More will be introduced later)with all haste.
Of course, this is Singapore and when I started looking, all units were missing for each electronics/department/supply store, so I turned to Amazon to look for a unit.
The beauty of online shopping and shopping on Amazon is that you can do a lot of research before deciding which product to buy.
With Amazon, you can even read verified customer reviews.
After 2 days of comparison, I finally decided on Honeywell\'s huang-
There are several reasons for the 011 compact unit: I don\'t need the real-HEPA filter (
More will be introduced later)
All I need is an air filter products, not an air purifier
Service is available and there is no need to replace the filter unit every month. I need a small unitI and want to be in-for my parents and-
It\'s cheap for Laurie (affordable)
I want products that are well received (
This link will send you to the most in-
Deep air filter products/purifier website I have seen; more in-
Deeper than the average electronic review site may even be comparable to the DPreviews of camera enthusiasts)
\"Compression\" and \"hepa-
Is this not good enough for your home?
The main difference between the units you can buy is these;
Are they air purifiers (
Use \"real\" HEPA fiters)
Or air filters (
There is no such strict standard, HEPA-
Type filter will do).
High quality efficient
Remove 99 for efficient particulate air and real HEPA air purifier.
The size of 0 particles accounted for 97%.
3 microns or more.
Huang with Honeywell-011, a \'HEPA-
Type\' filter, only particles above 2 microns are removed.
However, the price of HEPA
The air is fresh and steep;
The unit must be properly sealed (
This means that the motor that pushes the air through must be strong, resulting in higher electricity charges)
To make sure all the air through the unit is filtered, changing the filter is expensive and the HEPA air purifier itself is expensive.
With all these factors in mind, I decided to use HEPA-
Type air filter products unit that I can vacuum now-and-
That\'s good enough.
Due to the correct combination of low price, good evaluation, promised delivery date and other factors, I chose011 from Amazon
Features of Honeywell huang-
011 filter air pollutants of 99% in size of 2 micronstype user-
Maintenance filter to change the air in the room (up to 85 sq. feet)
3-5 times the function of each hourIoniser/ion generator
High speed electronic filter
99% of air pollutants are below 2 microns, and the more dangerous air pollutants are below 2 microns.
The size is 5 microns.
Honeywell Huang-
011 will help as it filters 99% of the particles to 2 micron size. Permanent HEPA-type user-
Maintainable filters now vacuum the filter every dayand-then.
Change the air of the room 5 times an hour change the air of the room (up to 85 sq. feet)
5 times filter per room
For those who do not track filter changes, change the alert (who does? ! )
Check out important information about your country;
Check the voltage in your country before plugging the device into the power supply.
Honeywell Huang-
Amazon\'s 011 runs on 110 V and will not be able to use it in a country where 220 V is used without steps-
Lower transformer.
Also, make sure you use the steps-
The rating ended at 150 W. I bought (
And fry in time)
With a local rating of only 90 W, it is considered that the amount of water taken by the air filter does not exceed 60 W. My goodness. . .
How could I be wrong. . .
I bought it. I recommend Simran SMF-
200 luxury 200 W Buck voltage converter for international travel to AC 220 V/240 V countries.
The 200-watt limit for Honeywell\'s huang-011.
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