history of air purifiers and air filters

by:Booguan     2020-08-30
Nowadays, the home air purification system is popular.
Although they seem to be a modern
The daily trend, they have really used it in one way or another for hundreds of years.
Since the Industrial Revolution in the year 00 s and 1700 s, scientists have acknowledged the need for cleaner air and have been working to find ways to counter the pollutants we voluntarily discharge into the air --and lungs.
1832, two brothers.
John and Charles Dean
A mask has been developed for firefighters that, despite the dangerous smoke, can help them put out the fire more safely.
In 1854, John Stanhouse introduced a mask that uses carbon filters for divers and coal miners to protect them from daily air pollution.
Then in 1930s and 1940s, the United States Atomic Energy Commission developed a new type of air filter products that can absorb dangerous radioactive dust in the event of an atomic bomb explosion.
While this first HEPA filter has no effect on protecting anyone from radiation, it was soon discovered that it was very effective in protecting mustard gas, chlorine gas and flame florists during World War II.
Today, this efficient filter is used in millions of American homes and businesses to remove nearly 100% of pollen, dust and other allergens from the air we breathe.
By the end of 1960s, people around the world began to feel the adverse effects of smog and pollutants on our national cities, so it is necessary to do more research on additional air purification systems.
Household air purifiers enter the consumer market within 10 years.
By the 1990s, it was reported that indoor air pollution was becoming more and more serious, and in some cases it may be five times higher than outdoor air pollution, causing fever among frightened consumers, they are looking for better and cheaper ways to clean the air at home.
Today, there are countless ways to purify the air.
Many scientists believe that while most people are efficient, many of them
The method known as cleaning has never been shown to absorb and purify anything scientifically.
Although the famous HEPA filter is still the best
Selling and most effective air filters on the market, many advocates still claim that newer ion air purification systems are easier to use and more effective than other models and brands on the market today.
However, they are not controversial because many critics complain that they add more dangerous ozone to the atmosphere, which may negate any benefits they may offer.
As the pursuit of cleaner air continues, many consumers are anxiously awaiting the next wave of air purification systems being developed.
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