High efficiency filter variety, each have advantages can choose

by:Booguan     2020-10-23
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efficient filter its application range is wide, main application optics electronics, biological pharmacy, hospital, precision instruments, drinks, food, printing and other industries. Filter has good filtering effect, high efficiency and super efficient filter can be used in the clean room terminal, the casing outside the generally choose the aluminum alloy frame, galvanized boxes, wooden frame or stainless steel frame as the frame material.

efficient filter according to the structure can be divided into three types, high efficiency with hepa filter clapboard, efficient without partition, combined. As an introduction to the benefits of these filters below.

efficient clapboard filter is the use of clapboard type design, its corrugated diaphragm is a good way to keep the plait layer spacing, can under the condition of the small resistance, to make the large of filter material.

glass fiber filter paper as no partition efficient filter air filtration product material, with aluminum alloy as the material of frame, lighter weight, its design is more compact, and compact appearance, this design makes it easy to install in the open box, frame is aluminum, stainless steel plate and galvanized sheet for the material. It's very high air filtration product efficiency also.

combined filter it filtration material made of glass fiber filter paper, superfine polypropylene filter, frame is made of plastic. Combined efficient filter characteristics is the filter has big filter area, small resistance, long using time, also has the environmental protection work.

when using high efficiency filter to check of the extent of dust filter for the first layer of coarse filter can be soaked with hot water washing, don't rub hard, wait for dry after you can pack up. Should notice at ordinary times not to moistureproof, avoid and reduce the efficiency of be affected with damp be affected with damp or damage to the screen, always diligent ventilated, in a dry place.

efficient filter it has big wind resistance, dust content, high filtration precision, etc. The characteristics of the screen and is the only air can pass, but could not through tiny particles, so as to guarantee its air filtration product efficiency. So its removal efficiency is very high, and is some bacteria, dust, smoke and other pollutants effectively filter medium.

recommend buying high efficiency filter, you can choose according to their own needs all kinds of sizes and shapes, and different models to buy, based on the principles of choosing is the basis to buy.

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