High efficiency filter of choose and buy needs to notice what basis points

by:Booguan     2020-11-04
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to buy high efficiency filter, you need to know how to buy, know what is focused on in the process of purchasing need to notice. Wo yi small make up think, if you want to choose when buying high efficiency filter performance, you need to pay attention to the speed, efficiency, resistance and cleanliness, in addition also need to pay attention to what? Looking at the four characteristics of how to confirm the equipment along with data consistent with actual situation? You can also from the following several aspects to certification and choose equipment.

note filter area: in general the bigger the filter area and high efficiency filter, filtering speed, the lower the filtration resistance is relatively low at this time. Everybody wants to know, the filter area, the greater the can to a certain extent, improve the efficiency of filtering, lower filtration resistance, and can effectively prolong the service life of .

to determine the efficiency of different grade filter: everyone can see what you buy high efficiency filter filtration efficiency, whether conform to the normal standard of filtration efficiency standard, and high efficiency filter can be determined at this time through the configuration and high efficiency filter, such as whether to need to have a pre filtering equipment and other accessories, if you have these accessories, is can to a certain extent, improve the efficiency of filtering.

note that filter resistance: here it is recommended that you try to buy low resistance of high efficiency filter, because if the resistance is higher, and high efficiency filter so high efficiency filter air filtration product efficiency is actually will be affected, and requires more frequent to clean, high efficiency filter to maintain better air filtration product efficiency, if the resistance, even directly affect the service life and high efficiency filter.

let dust equipment: when choosing a high efficiency filter, let dust quantity of equipment is required to consider, which directly affect the service life of the equipment. If the amount of dust is lower, you will need to frequent maintenance and cleaning, we want to know, although the maintenance and cleaning can make equipment efficiency and cleanliness of the restoration, but if the work is very frequent, affect the service life of equipment, in the process of cleaning and maintenance, downtime, at this time will affect the normal production.

want better use , be sure to buy a quality is relatively good, the performance can meet the demand of their equipment, at this time, wo yi small make up remind everybody, in addition to the basic performance, still need to pay attention to this a few aspects, so choose high efficiency filter can meet the needs of their more.

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