High efficiency filter is what? What are the classification of it?

by:Booguan     2020-10-23
Air filter equipment

efficient filter its application range is very wide, can be applied optics electronics, LCD manufacturing, precision instruments, biological pharmacy, hospital, drinks, food, PCB printing and other industries. The end of the filter is mainly used in the clean room, the frame has a variety of materials to choose from, respectively, aluminum alloy frame, galvanized boxes, wooden frame or stainless steel frame, etc.

the advantage of it very much, has the high safety. It is mainly to remove particle pollution in the air, but its deficiency is the only filter out suspended particles, can't filter harmful gas. High efficiency filter it has big wind resistance, dust content, high filtration precision, etc. The screen only air can be passed, the sort of tiny particles but can't through, so as to guarantee its air filtration product efficiency. So its removal efficiency is very high, and is some bacteria, dust, smoke and other pollutants effectively filter medium.

according to the structure can be divided into high efficiency separator filter with , no partition efficient filters, and combined filter. The following will give you introduce these filters, respectively.

efficient with diaphragm filter is designed by the barrier, the filter can be under the small resistance, can greatly limit the use of filter material, and the screen has a very high air filtration product efficiency.

no partition efficient filter with glass fiber filter for filtering material, its frame is made of aluminum alloy, the screen comparatively light, and the weight of the structure is compact, more compact, air filtration product efficiency is very high.

composite filter is made of glass fiber filter paper as material, the frame is made of plastic, has a high filter efficiency, filter area is larger, the resistance is small, the using time is longer, also has the function of environmental protection.

in the use of to check the degree of accumulation of dust filter, for the first layer of coarse filter can use hot water to soak and clean, pay attention to not forcibly knead, wait for dry after can put filter. Everyone at ordinary times should pay attention to don't moistureproof, avoid and reduce the efficiency of be affected with damp be affected with damp or damage to the filter, we also should do a good job, often ventilated put it in dry place.

recommend buying , can choose according to your needs a variety of sizes and shapes, and different models to buy, so that we can more easily use the screen.

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