High efficiency filter classification can choose a wide range

by:Booguan     2020-10-23
Filter equipment

currently used filtering equipment industry is very much, such as biological pharmacy, or electronic, optical and precision instruments industry, food and beverage industry, etc. Especially in dust-free purification workshop, we often see high efficiency filter, it will be installed in air terminal, play a role in the supply position.

efficient filter air filtration product efficiency is very good at present, the overall reached a very high. Its accuracy is high, the casing outside the design according to use environment different, common is aluminum alloy frame and galvanized boxes, sometimes in order to match other equipments, also use wood and stainless steel frame.

about basic knowledge of the high efficiency filter, everyone will think of complete categories, such as partition designs are very popular, because joined the corrugated bulkhead, can give full play to the role of power, at the same time reduce the filtration resistance, with the advantages of low cost to realize the filtering effect. Even in the face of corrosive environment, we can still swap partition for vinyl material, plating visible application range is very wide.

efficient filter thickness is different, can be adjusted according to the use of the environment, low thickness is 80, high thickness is 292, and 120 or 150 interval classification, etc. No partition screen pack is also very popular at present, its filtering material is more special, filter paper is using a glass fiber production, dividers is hot melt adhesive. In order to ensure the filtering effect, also joined the sealant, main material is polyurethane.

to ensure that the filter function, manufacturers on a large amount of research and development and testing, especially in the locations of the cover, the network device, its integral effect is very strong, is welcome, and is a common practice in the industry.

this kind of high efficient filter weight is very light, and seems to be small and compact appearance, we can at any time in the open box, the application of filtration efficiency is still high, is a very good representative.

finally introduce everyone to composite filter, its material is used as glass fiber, filter parts made of polyethylene, filtration efficiency reached the basic level of effective and efficient, and it conforms to the current process of environmental protection technology, can be directly after using burning, does not pollute the environment. Know the use of high efficiency filter USES and basic classification, after people know about their range of options and the product model, can better play to the role of the filter.

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