High efficiency air filter it exactly how useless, what material is it?

by:Booguan     2020-10-26
Air air filtration product equipment

as you can see now the serious environmental pollution, the air so the purification industry is also more and more attention, talking about the role of high efficiency air filter, you know how much about it?

first of all, we like to know what kind of high efficiency air filter is, and then there is what it is. Actually air filter is a filter, air purifier can compare some larger dust in the air and dirty suspended solids filtered out, the air will be relatively clean, there is a fog city basic is an air purifier, people even our air conditioner with a filter to filter out larger dust in the air. And air purifier basically is mainly composed of core and shell of two parts. The basic requirement of each type air filter is to filter the high air filtration product efficiency, and high flow resistance can't, so it is easy to damage, but also need air filter can be a long time continuous use, so late can reduce material cost, ensure that each device can be in a reasonable price.

and high efficiency air filter to even the below 5 um object particles, dust is also play a role. It is made up of what?

high efficiency air filter is usually is to use made of super fine glass fiber paper as filter material, and the use of glue and materials such as aluminum membrane as partition board, and on this basis and wooden frame aluminum alloy gluing together again, so that its quality also has a certain security, and as would the use of special high efficiency air filter products made of silicone rubber, its surface is basically no odour, also won't like don't air filter surface hardening, which USES a long time, also won't crack, is relatively stable chemical properties, can be more resistant to corrosion. And use special silicone rubber, equipment, soft hard will be just fine, not too hard nor too soft, its elastic recovery will be better. Are through tests, and each filter with high air filtration product efficiency, low resistance, next the advantages of large amount of dust and so on, let a person at the time of use to a more reasonable price enjoy clean air.

see here, we have more understanding of the high efficiency air filter. After a lot of people will feel high efficiency air filter is just a decoration, so it is really like what people think of a decoration? The answer is no. In fact, many large enterprises they have already installed in the workshop early effect filter or the filter, but they chose to filter the air in inspection workshop under 3 um impurities in high efficiency filter, in the factory, in offices, schools and food industry and hospital, you can see air filter has made our life.

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